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Prop of Matter-2

Poperties of Matter (Part 2 of 2)

ACID A substance Forms a sour solution in water Has a pH of less than 7 High concentration of Hydrogen ions Litmus dye color turns to red
BASE A substance In water forms a bitter taste and slippery feel Has a pH of more than 7 Litmus dye color turns to blue i.e., Baking Soda
CHEMICAL CHANGE Change in substance Chemical makeup changes permanently Becomes new substance i.e., Tree Leaves--when their color changes it does not change back
CHEMICAL Properties of Matter Combustion (burning); Corrosion (/destruction of metals) Fermentation (/yeast changes sugar into alcohol & produce carbon dioxide) Metabolism (chemical reactions inside an organism) Oxidation (i Iron combines with oxygen form rust if moisture present)
CONDUCTIVITY Measure of how easily electrons flow Produces heat, electricity, sound or other forms of energy
DENSITY a “physical property” (Mass ./. Volume) -- Mass of a given substance or object Divided by the Volume i.e., Oil and vinegar salad dressing – Oil floats on the vinegar water mixture, AND the solids sink to the bottom
NEUTRAL Solutions with a pH value of 7 Neither an acid or base (alkaline) i.e., pure water
pH SCALE Measure of the acid or alkaline (base) of a solution Based on a scale of 0-14
PHYSICAL CHANGE Changes in size, color Changes in the “state of matter” (solid, liquid, gas) Without changing the composition “NO” new substance
PHYSICAL Properties of Matter Conductivity (power of handling heat, electricity, sound or other energy forms) Density (mass •/• volume) Hardness (resistance to bend or scratch i.e., Mohs Scale) Malleability (hammered/pressed in different shapes; i.e., gold, copper)
MOHS Scale a scale that describes the scratch resistance of various minerals; ability of harder material able to scratch a softer material.
Created by: pj johnson