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RADT 465 Equip & QC

ARRT Registry Review

What percentage of the x-ray beam is comprised of Brems? 70-90% (p.431)
What percentage of the x-ray beam is comprised of Characteristic? 10-30% (p.431)
A high-speed electron passing near or through an atom that slows down and is deflected from its course with a loss of energy Bremsstrahlung radiation (p.431)
A high-speed electron encounters an atom and ejects a K shell electron and adjacent electrons fill the vacancy Characteristic radiation (p.431)
What is the distance between two consecutive wave crests? Wavelength (p.432)
A relatively low-energy photon uses all its energy to eject an inner shell electron, gives up energy in form of characteristic ray Photoelectric effect (p.434)
A fairly high-energy photon ejects an outer shell electron causing image fog and personnel dose Compton Scatter (p.434)
A low-energy photon interacts with an atom, the photon disappears as it is absorbed leaving atom in an excited state Coherent Scatter (p,435)
What is another name for Coherent Scatter? Classical Scatter (p.435)
Change mechanical energy to electrical energy Generators (p.437)
Change electrical energy to mechanical energy Motors (p.437)
Electrical current flowing through a conductor in only one direction and with constant magnitude direct current (p.437)
What is an example of a direct current? battery (p.437)
Characterized by varying amplitude and periodic reversal of polarity alternating current (p.437)
A conductive wire shaped into a coil helix (p.439)
A helix supplied with a current solenoid (p.439)
What is another name for step-down transformers? filament transformers (p.442)
What is the anode usually made of? Tungsten/rhenium alloy (p.445)
What type of motor is used to rotate the anode? induction motor (p.446)
The stator is _______ the envelope outside (p.446)
The rotor is ________ the envelope inside (p.446)
The effective focal spot is always ______than the actual focal spot smaller (p.448)
Part of the x-ray circuit that contains most of the devices found on the control console low-voltage circuit (p.451)
Part of the x-ray circuit that varies that current sent to the filament to provide the required mA value filament circuit (p.451)
Part of the x-ray circuit that included the high-voltage transformer, rectification system, and x-ray tube high-voltage or secondary circuit (p.451)
What is the most accurate timer? electronic timer (p.452)
Type of AEC that terminates exposure when a predetermined quantity of air ionization has occurred within the chamber Ionization chamber (p.453)
Type of AEC that terminates exposure when xrays activate a fluorescent screen that produces light and charges a photomultiplier tube Phototimer (p.453)
Type of AEC that terminates exposure using a manual timer backup timer (p.453)
What is the ripple percentage for 3phase 6pulse rectification? 13% (p.455)
What is the ripple percentage for 3phase 12 pulse rectification? 4% (p.455)
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