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Parmacology Ch 3-5

Definitions Ch 3 - 5

sublingual tablets tablet designed to dissolve under the tongue
enteric coated tablet tablet coated with a film formulated to pass through the stomach into the small intestines for absorption. Prevents irritation of the gastric mucosa.
chewable tablets tablet with a sugar or flavored base designed to be chewed
caplets long oblong tablet with a smooth film coated body for ease of swallowing
buccal tablets tablet placed in the mouth between the cheek and gum for absorption
tablets dried powder form of medication that has been compressed a small disk
sustained released tablets capsule form of medication in which the medication is released over a desired period of known duration
troches hard disk of medication designed to dissolve in the mouth
buffered tablets medication combined with an antacid to reduce stomach discomfort
Holistic View that focuses on achieving harmony of body, mind, and spirit to prevent illness. Physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive aspects of a person
scientific-biomedical View that believes disease and illness have a cause, and the goal of health is to find a cure.
magicoreligious View that regards humans as under the control of supernatural, mystical forces
liniment medication that combines oil, soap, water, alcohol and is placed on the skin to produce heat
gels semisolid in a water base with a thickening agent for absorption through the skin
lotion free-flowing liquid of formulation with ingredients suspended in water for application to the skin
ointment semisolid in greasy base that is not absorbed into the skin, but the medication is absorbed from the greasy base
cream semisolid preparation in a base that is absorbed into the tissue for slow, sustained release
gelcaps Soft gelatin shell filled with liquid medication
capsule small gelatin container filled with medication in powdered or granule form
delayed action capsule capsule prepared to release drug at a particular site or to provide a steady release of medication over a period of time
elixer clear sweetened or flavored medication containing alcohol and water
emulsion Water-and-oil mixture containing medication in pharmacology
tincture alcohol based liquid used as a skin disinfectant
effervescent course ground medicinal agent that has been mixed with effervescent salt to release carbon dioxide when a liquid is added
suspension medication in the form of undissolved particles dispersed in a liquid vehicle
superscription portion of a prescription designated with the symbol Rx
subscription part of the prescription containing the directions for the pharmacist with information for compounding ingredients if necessary
signa part of prescription that indicates the proper dosage of medication to be taken (sig or signature)
inscription part of the prescription that indicates the name of a drug and the dosage prescribed
parenteral drugs route by which medications are given through the skin by injection, such as intramuscular, intradermal, subcutaneous, and intravenous.
suppositories medication carried in cocoa butter, hydrogenated vegetable oil, or glycerinated gelatin to form a solid dose for insertion into a body orifice such as the vagina, urethra or rectum
implants form of medication placed under the skin for long term controlled release (pellet)
dispense to give medications to a patient to be taken at a later time
prescribe to indicate, either in writing or orally, a medication to be given
standing order request for a procedure that is routine for certain medical treatments under certain conditions
administer to give to or apply medication to a person
medication order written or verbal order for administration of a medication in a health care setting
extract highly concentrated preparation of liquid medication achieved through the evaporation of a solution
spirits Alcoholic or Hydroalcoholic solutions containing volatile aromatic ingredients
Syrup aqueous solution sweetened with sugar substitute to disguise taste
SR Sustained Release
CR Controlled Release
LA or XL Long Acting
DS Double Strength
TR Timed Release
XR or ER Extended Release
adult age 18-65
Legend Drug Drug sold by prescription
OTC Drug Does not require a prescription
USP/NF official drug list recognized by US government
USP/DI United States Pharmacopoeia/Dispensing Information
United States Pharmacopoeia/Dispensing Information Practical Information about drugs that highlight sources of possible risk
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