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Trade & Generic

Top Selling Drugs

Trade:Diovan Generic:Valsartan Indication:HBP,anglotensin II receptor
Trade:Hyzaar Generic:Lasartan/HCTZ Indication:HBP,diuretic
Trade:Serzone Generic:Nefazodone Indication:Antidepressant
Trade:Bactroban Generic:Mupirocin Indication:Topical antibiotic
Trade:Zestoretic Generic:Lisinopril/HCTZ Indication:HBP,ACE inhibitor
Trade:Evista Generic:RaloxifeneI ndication:Osteoporosis
Trade:Miacalcin Generic:Calcitonin Salmon Indication:Paget's disease/Osteoporosis
Trade:Prinivil Generic:Lisinopril Indication:HBP,ACE inhibitor
Trade:Adderall Generic:Amphetamine mixed salts Indication:CNS stimulant/ADHD
Trade:Detrol Generic:Tolterodine Indication:Uninary incontinence
Trade:Amaryl Generic:Glimepride Indication:Diabetes type II
Trade:Combivent Generic:Ipratropium/albuterol Indication:Asthma
Trade:Plavix Generic:Clopidogrel Indication:Atherosclerosis/anti platelet
Trade:Levaquin Generic:Levofloxacin Indication:Antibiotic
Trade:Risperdal Generic:Risperidone Indication:Antipsychotic
Trade:Catapress Generic:Clonidine HCl Indication:HBP
Trade:Stadol NS Generic:Butorphanol tartrate Indication:Narcotic analgestic
Trade:Viramune Generic:Nevirapine Indication:Antiviral
Trade:Cosopt Generic:Dorzolamide/timolol Indication:Glaucoma
Trade:Prandin Generic:Repaglinide Indication:Diabetes type II
Trade:Remeron Generic:Mirtazapine Indication:Antidepressant
Trade:Humulin 70/30 Generic:Insulin Indication:Diabetes type I
Trade:Ditropan XL Generic:Oxybutynin Cl Indication:Bladder instability
Trade:Tricor Generic:Fenofibrate Indication:Hyperlipidemia
Trade:Cortisporin Generic:Neomycin/polymyxin/hydrocortisone Indication:Topical antibiotic
Trade:CorgardGeneric:Nadolol Indication:HBP/beta blocker
Generic:Ondansetron HCL Indication:Antinausea (chemotherapy) Trade:Zofran
Generic:Cerivastatin sodium Indication:Cholesterol lowering Trade:Baycol
Generic:Cyclosporine Indication:Immunosuppressant Trade:Neoral
Trade:Neupogen Generic:Filgrastim Indication:Neutropenia Trade:Neupogen
Generic:Fluvoxamine maleate Indication:OCD/antidepressant Trade:Luvox
Generic:Erythromycin/benzoyl peroxide Indication:Acne Trade:Benzamycin
Generic:Insulin lispro Indication:Diabetes type I Trade:Humalog
Generic:Zakifurlast Indication:Asthma Trade:Accolate
Generic:Indinavir sulfate Indication:HIV/AIDS Trade:Crixivan
Generic:Oxycodone/APAP Indication:Narcotic analgesic Trade:Roxicet, Endocet
Generic:Budesonide Indication:Allergies Trade:Pulmicort Turbohaler
Generic:Leuprolide acetate Indication:Prostate cancer Trade:Lupron Depot
Generic:Clonidine HCl Indication:HBP Trade:Catapres
Generic:Butorphanol tartrate Indication:Narcotic analgestic Trade:Stadol NS
Generic:Nevirapine Trade:Viramune Indication:Antiviral
Generic:Dorzolamide/timolol Trade:Cosopt Indication:Glaucoma
Generic:Repaglinide Trade:Prandin Indication:Diabetes type II
Generic:Mirtazapine Trade:Remeron Indication:Antidepressant
Generic:Insulin Trade:Humulin 70/30 Indication:Diabetes type I
Generic:Oxybutynin Cl Trade:Ditropan XL Indication:Bladder instability
Generic:Fenofibrate Trade:Tricor Indication:Hyperlipidemia
Generic:Neomycin/polymyxin/hyrocortisone Trade:Cortisporin Indication:Topical antibiotic
Generic:Nadolol Trade:Corgard Indication:HBP/beta blocker
Created by: alishamarie08