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Effective Language

The repetition of structures – words, phrases, clauses, and sentences – to help emphasize your content Parallelism
A type of structure where the beginning and end of the sentence provide contrast. Antithesis
When a phrase or sentence is flipped in a way we are not used to hearing. Inversion
A technique that is used to build emphasis into your speech usually in order of increasing strength or importance. Order of Climax
Words that begin with the same sound, usually the initial consonant. Alliteration
A figure of speech, not using the word like or as, that compares two usually unrelated things. Metaphor
A figure of speech using the words like or as to make a comparison. Simile
A reference to a well-known person, place, thing, or idea. Allusion
Words that are in opposition directly side by side. Oxymoron
Figure of speech using words that imply the exact opposite of what they seem to say on the surface. Irony
When a speaker says what is more than true to exaggerate for the sake of emphasis. Hyperbole
Language that “draws the listener in” because it cleverly distorts in its own way and makes us see an absurdity more clearly. Understatement
Giving human characteristics to nonhuman things. Personification
“I will not let silence wrap itself around my indecision.” Personification Example
“I couldn’t use my locker for weeks because the bolt on the lock reminded me of the one I had put on my lips.” Metaphor Example
“Silence is the residue of fear. It is feeling your flaws gut-wrench guillotine your tongue. It is the air retreating from your chest because it doesn’t feel safe in your lungs. Silence is Rwandan genocide. Silence is Katrina…” Repetition Example
“I’ve given up soda, McDonald’s, French fries, French kisses, and everything in between.” Alliteration Example
“I will tell that woman that my students can talk about Transcendentalism like their last name is Thoreau, and just because you watched one episode of ‘The Wire’ doesn’t mean you know anything about my kids.” Allusion Example
“We will work together to fill those spaces, to recognize them, to name them, to understand that they don’t have to be the sources of shame. Parallelism Example
“There is no time to pick your battles when your battles have already picked you.” Antithesis Example
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