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vertebral colum

overview of spine

How many bones does the adult vertebral column contain? 26 bones
Where does the spinal canal begin and end? extends from the brain to sacrum
What does the spinal canal contain? spinal cord and cerebrospinal fluid
Where does the spinal cord begin and end? extends from the brain and ends at the level of L1/L2
define Cauda Equina bundle of nerves which extend from the spinal cord to the lower extremities
what is the outer fibrous portion of the intervertebral disk called? annulus fibrosus
What is the soft semi-gelatinous inner part of the intervertebral disk called? nucleus pulposus
What is the secondary/compensatory curve? cervical-lordotic (concave) and lumbar-lordotic (concave)
What is the primary curve? Thoracic-kyphotic (convex) and sacral-kyphotic (convex)
What is another term for Kyphosis? Humpback
What is another term for Lordosis? swayback
What is scoliosis and where in the spin can it be? abnormal lateral curvature, can be thoracic or lumbar
T1-T10 contain facets on _______ processes for rib articulations. transverse
T1-T9 contain ____facets for rib articulation. demi
T10-T12 contain _____ facet for rib articulation single
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