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Final Study Guide

SES 333

What is an example of secondary gain? Face saving, escape pressure, avoidance of training, extra attention from significant others.
What are the psychological effects of athletic injury? Grief reaction, stress, identity loss, separation and loneliness, fear and anxiety, and loss of confidence
When is PST implemented? Off or pre-season
How often is PST implemented? 10-15 minutes, 3-5 days a week
How long is PST implanted? 3-6 months for formal training
What is the Self regulation overall successful outcome of PST? The ability to work toward ones short and long term goals by effectively monitoring and managing one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
What are some common problems with PST implementation? Coach attitudes and sports psychologist deficiencies (lack of sport knowledge and lack of follow-up)
What are the five points about handling confrontation Express feelings constructively, think and breathe, understand the person and situation, be empathetic, be tentative, proceed gradually
What is easterbrook’s view on what happened to attentional focus as arousal increases? Decrease attention to relevant cues.
What is an example of narrow external attentional styles? Focusing on the hand as the ball is thrown
What is an example of narrow internal attentional style? Visualize a jump you are about to do in gymnastics
What is an example of broad external attentional style? Look at the other’s team football line up
What is an example of broad internal attentional style? Visualize the floor routine before the competition (gymnastics)
What is the definition of choking? The inability to shift from internal attentional focus, when an external focus is needed.
What are two muscle to mind techniques? Breathing and progressive relaxation.
What are two mind to muscle techniques? Meditation and autogenic training
What are two advantages of relaxation? Overall physiological calming, and causes an attentional shift
How do you make imagery a polysensory experience? Use all your senses
What are the three mediating variables of imagery use? imagery ability: vivid and controllable; imagery perspective: internal and external; image outcome: positive and negative
What are two benefits of using self talk? To change bad habits, and for attentional control
What are two techniques for controlling negative self-talk? Thought stoppage, changing negative to positive
What are five goal setting guidelines? Set specific goals, set difficult, but realistic goals, set short and long term goals, set positive rather than negative goals
What is the definition of concentration? a learned skill of passively not reacting to or being distracted by irrelevant stimuli.
Uses for positive self-talk? performance and confidence enhancement
We listen to what percent of what is being said? twenty – five percent
What are two types of goals? performance (control over), and outcome (no control over)
What is progressive muscle relaxation? Three types: active (whole body), differential (parts of body), and passive(just relaxation not tension)
What are the types of imagery perspective? internal (from your point of view) and external (like a movie)
What happens under the Cue Utilization theory? Under arousal relevant and irrelevant cues; peak arousal relevant cues only; over arousal start to discard relevant cues
What are the three methods that are recommended during the practice phase of PST? over learning, integration, and simulation
Self-talk and imagery techniques are said to be more effective when accompanied by what? relaxation.
What is paralanguage? voice characteristics
What is proxemics? body position, space between you and others.
What are the two attention process types? conscious processing and automatic processing
What are some warning signs of poor adjustment to sport injury? Evidence of anger, depression, confusion or apathy. Obsession with whether they will play again, denial, history of going back too quickly, remarks of letting others down, and violent mood swings
What are some social psychological factors in sport injury rehab treatment? Ego, athlete’s coping skills, life stress and developmental dynamics, secondary gain, social support systems, and nature of injury.
Created by: Kayerenee
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