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UF GEO1010 McIntee T

Length of Martian year? 687 days
Length of Martian day? 24.37 hours
Earth features compared to Mars? Death Valley, Mono Lake (CA), Channelled Seadbland (WA0, Permafrost in Siberia, Volcanoes in Hawaii
When was Disney, Epcot, MGM, Animal Kingdom first opened? 1971, 1982, 1988, 1998
images? 1973, 1989, 1997
How much land cover was shifted? 10.02 percent
Remote sensing def? Sensing for measurement from a distance - includes hearing seeing and smelling
Three parts of GIS? Line, point, area -vector or raster
How many satellites and how many orbits? 24 satellites and 6 orbits
Who uses GPS and GIS? Military, science, moving rocks, medical geography
How many languages in Africa? 1000
What are the language families? Niger-Congo, Afro-Asiatic, Nilo-Sahara, Khoisan
why decreasing foreign debt? inability to service it
percent of adults with HIV? 1/100%
AIDS cases and deaths in Africa? (percent) 70%, 75%
population? 596 million
growth rate? 2.6%
Africae Clutsers of population? Coastal West Africa, Northen Nigeria, Ethiopian Highlands, Lake Victoria Region, Interior and East Coast of South Africa
Food Production: Agricultue, Pastorialism, or Fishing/Huntint
What is Pastorialism? Animal Herding
Major oil exporter in West Africa? Nigeria
Congo - 2nd largest country - ethnic groups , languages, and percent rainforest? 250 ethnic groups, 75 languages, 1/2 rainforest
East Africe ecnomy is subsistence because of? railroad system
population concentration in East Africa? Lake Victoria and Nairobi, Kenya
Sub-Saharan Africa - Diama Barrage on Senegal river leads to the loss of...? 7000 tons of shrimp and fish resources
Def of degradation? decreases of vegetation cover or species composition
In Sub-Saharan Africa - how many people don't have access to water? 35%
What is malaria caused by? blood parasite - transmitted by mosquitos
Guinea worm contamintaed drinking water - grows to 1 meter
Where does Bilharzia live? abdominal cavity from dirty water
Def of medical geography? study of people's health in a spatial context
What is GIS used for in the medical field? to track diffusion and record impact
Where are the Kitum Saves? In the shadow of Mt. Elgon in Uganda
What animals live in the save? bats, elepants, and monkeys
4 types of Ebola Zaire, Sudan, Reston, and Tai
What is Lassa transmitted from? rodents
When was Lassa discovered? 1969
Incumbation period of lassa 5-21 days
symptoms of lassa viral hemorrhagic fever
Lassa is particularly high in what group? pregnant women
Treatment of lassa? Ribavirin
Poor pronosis of Lassa? High Viremia, Bleeding, and Third trimester
Number of islands in the pacific? 20,000
Population breakdowm in oceania? Australia - 19 million, New Zealand - 4 million, New Guinea - 4 million, other islands - 3 million
Climate of Oceania? Pyphoons and cyclones, tsunamis
Climate of Australia 1/3 arid and 1/3 semiarid
Aborigines - numbers 200,000 then to 75,000 and now to 300,000 - only 10,000 follow traditional ways
Maoris from South Pacific last wave fom tahiti in 1350
Native people of Serenteti? Massai
How many animals migrat? 2 million
What countreis in Africa does the Serentegi encompass? Tanzania and Kenya
Self contained eco-system? Ngorongoro Crater
What river do the heards need to cross? what country is it in? Mara River in Kenya
How many die on the river? 1/4 million but 1/2 are born
how long has the aborinies been around? 30,000
How long in the redd? 1,200 km
How far the the reed extend 100 miles
Harem Island is operated by what university? University of Queensland
Incubatino period for sea turtles 8-10 weeks
number of ship wreacks this century on the Reef? 1,200
percent of US endanged species in Hawaii? 1/4 - 6 go exist every hour
How many years has NGS suppoterd Goodal 1961-1978
How many gants has goodall had? 26
Created by: luketia