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ARRT registry review

How are diagnostic x-ray are produced? They are produced within the x-ray tube when high-speed electrons are rapidly decelerated upon encountering the tungsten atoms of the anode. (pg431)
Where is source of electrons? is the heated cathode filament; they are driven across to the anode focal spot when thousands of volts kV are applied. (pg. 431)
What two radiation is use in diagnostic x-ray production? bremsstrahlung radiation and characteristic radiation (pg431)
Explain bremsstrahlung radiation? when high speed electron passing near a positively charged nucleus and deflected from its course with loss of energy. The energy loss is given up in the form of an x ray photon.(pg 431)
What percent of x-rays come from bremsstrahlung radiation? 70% to 90% (pg431)
Explain Characteristic radiation? high speed electron encounters a atom with in an anode and ejects a K shell electron leaving a vacancy in that shell. An electron form the next shell moves to the K shell and fills its vacancy. Which emits a k characteristic ray (pg431)
What does wavelength refers to? the distance between two consecutive wave crests. (pg 431)
What does Frequency refers to? the number of cycles per second pg. 431
Frequency and photon energy are _______ related where as wavelength and ________related as to electromagnetic spectrum. directly ......related. pg. 432
What are shorter wavelength associated with? Higher frequency, High energy, increased ionizing potential pg. 433
X-ray photons can? Pass through the part, be absorbed by the part, Scatter within the part pg. 434
List a few properties of x-ray photons. not perceptible by the senses, travel in straight lines,
What x-ray can interact with tissues cells and cause ionization? photoelectric effect, Compton scatter, and coherent (classical) scatter pg. 436
Types of x-ray equipment? fixed, mobile, dedicated, digital pg. 437
What is Electromagnetic induction? An electric current will be induced in a conductor whenever there is relative motion between a conductor and magnetic field; that is , if a conductor moves through a magnetic field, if a magnetic fields moves across a conductor, or if the magnetic is AC
What are auto transformer? Select the amount of voltage sent to the transformer. (kV selector), Operate on the principle of self-induction, require AC for operation pg. 441
What is step up transformer? increase voltage and decrease amperage proportionally pg. 441
What is rectifiers? are solid-state diodes made of semi conductive materials such as silicon, selenium, or germanium that permit the flow of electricity in only one direction. pg. 443
What does x-ray circuit divided what three portion? low- voltage or primary circuit, filament circuit, high-voltage secondary circuit pg. 451
What is spatial resolution in digital imaging? in digital imaging improves with smaller pixel size, smaller pixel pitch size , smaller pixel pitch. and larger image matrix. pg. 463
What is contrast resolution in digital imaging? describe the range of greys a particular digital system is capable of resolving/demonstration. the higher the contrast resolution to see similar adjacent gray shags.
What is noise? is an electronic term for anything that interferes with visualization of the image we wish to see. pg. 446
Name some elements of a QC program. Timer accuracy testing, mA linearity testing, kV accuracy testing , HVL test, focal spot sizing, evaluation of lead aprons and gloves.
reference Saia, D.A. Radiography program review and exam prep/ D.A. Saia 7thed.p.;am
Created by: kdfields