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Chapter 1-5 terms

IDS101 Unit 1 test

Tangible Something that can be touched or held
Procession A group moving forward in a straight line
Congenital Health condition that a child is born with
Gritty Dirty; hazardous
Contraband Illegal substances or materials
Ricochet The bounce of a bullet after hitting a solid surface
Competent Capable or able to do something
Accommodation Adjustments made to help students with special needs
Vital Very important; critical to success
Mundane Ordinary; nothing special
Funk A depressed mood
Certificate Document that proves successful program completion
Lament To feel sorry about or mourn
Retrospect Looking backward, thinking about the past
Fascinating Very interesting or unexpected
Terminal Deadly; no cure
Transcript Document showing completed course credits and grades
Syllabus A course contract that spells out requirements, schedule, etc.
Laceration Cut or incision on one's skin
Remote Located at a distance; not close or convenient
Mentor A wise advisor, teacher, or coach
Gratifying To be pleased with or thankful for
Accelerated A shortened time frame for completing something
Commencement Ceremony at the end of one's studies, start of the next phase
Declined Not approved for
Intolerable Not able to be endured
Inventive Thinking of new ways to do things, like cooking
Destitute In a poor condition; impoverished
Default To not meet obligations, especially financial ones
Sweltering Very hot; oppressively warm
Felon A person convicted of a crime
Rotors The blades of a helicopter
Sturdy Long-lasting, durable
Buoyant cheerful
Frugal to spend resources ( money) with care, not overusing
Consciousness state of being awake and bale to
Currency money used by a particular country
Valor showing bravery or having courage
Imprinted creating a lasting effect or lesson
Recuperated got better, healed
Mundane ordinary; nothing special
Prospective expected in the future; likely to happen
Oblivious not paying attention to
Pre-requisite a course that must be completed before another
Steward he person in charge, for instance, of money
Respiration the act of breathing
Perseverance to keep going even though it was tough
Disqualified not approved for
Exasperated irritated or angry
Passionate feeling strongly about someone or something
Audacious bold or daring, especially for a plan
Conscientious one who shows great responsibility or duty
Contraband illegal substance or materials
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