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tec comp chap 3

voc study guide

felon a person who has been convicted of a felony
adjoining next to joined
ricochet a shot or hit rebound one or more times off a surface
ordeal a painful or horrific experience
contraband imported or exported illegally
mindset way of thinking, usually not subject to change
forthcoming about to happen
recuperated recover from illness or exertion
retrospect looking backward, thinking about the past
daunting seeming difficult to deal with
procession orderly fashion
laceration a deep cut or tear in skin or flesh
maneuvered moved skillfully
audacious bold risk
intolerable unable to be endured
gritty dirty or hazardous
consciousness awake and aware
wrenched to open by forceps, with a twisting motion
assaulted confronted by, as in a noise or heat
valor great courage in the face of danger especially in battle
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