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tech comp chapter3

vocabulary study guide

felon a person convicted of a crime
adjoining something connected to something else usually beside
ricochet the bounce of a bullet after hitting a surface
ordeal a difficult or painful experience
valor showing bravery or having courage
contraband illegal substances or materials
mindset way of thinking usually not subject to change
forthcoming about to happen
recuperated getting well
retrospect when questioning a decision looking back in the past
daunting very difficult or challenging
procession a group moving forward in a straight line
laceration cut or incision on one's skin
maneuvered to move or get by careful planning an action
audacious bold or daring especially for a plan
intolerable not able to be endured
gritty dirty or hazardous
consciousness state of being awake and able to think
wrenched to open by force especially with a twisting motion
assaulted in this context ,confronted by as in a noise or beat
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