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Pantomime Review

The movement of any part of the body to help express something Gesture
Expressing ideas to another person without using words Nonverbal Communication
The firmness or solidity of an object Resistance
The act of acting without words Pantomime
Moving from one place to another on stage Cross
T/F Pantomime usually has long and developed storylines. False
T/F Pantomime helps to develop confidence, personal resources, and stage techniques. True
T/F When you turn onstage, you should turn away from the audience, rotating on the heels of your feet. False
T/F There are two types of gestures: facial expressions and hand and arm movements. True
T/F Every gesture should have a definite purpose. True
T/F It is better to do nothing at all than to make meaningless gestures. True
T/F It is good to gesture above your head and below your waste. False
T/F Make all gestures with your downstage hand, the hand closest to the audience. False
Why is proper posture important in pantomime? It gives the audience an idea of what you character is like.
What is most important ingredient in pantomime ? To move your body as a whole
Why are movements important in pantomime? You are first judged by your appearance and later by what you say.
Which foot should you start your cross on stage? Upstage Foot
Which part of the body should lead most arm gestures? The chest
When pantomiming what kind of object must involve the entire body? Large
When pantomiming, what kind of object must be outlined by your hands? Small
When pantomiming, what kind of object must be outlined by head and eye movements? Extra Large
What should you be aware of in relation to your body? Location
Created by: howesmi