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RADT 465: QC

ARRT registry review covering Equipment Operation and Quality Control

What type of xray tube is designed to turn on and off rapidly, providing multiple short, precise exposures? grid-controlled (Lang Q&A, 279)
What are three components of the GT gantry? xray tube, multidetector array, high-voltage generator (Lang Q&A, 279)
A parallel-plate ionization chamber receives a particular charge as xray photons travel through it isknown as what operating principle? AEC (Lang Q&A, 281)
Congruence of the xray beam with the light field is tested using what? radiopaque objects (Lang Q&A, 281)
What is the relationship between kV and HVL? As kV increases, HVL increases (Lang Q&A, 282)
As window level increases, what happens to brightness? increases (Lang Q&A, 282)
What converts electrical energy to mechanical energy? motor (Lang Q&A, 282)
What is a slit camera used to measure? focal-spot size and spatial resolution
What are the advantages of collimators over aperture diaphragms and flare cones? the variety of field sizes available and more efficient beam restriction (Lang Q&A, 283)
What occurs during Bremsstrahlung radiation production? an electron approaching a po(Lang Q&A, 283)sitive nuclear charge changes direction and loses energy
What is the voltage ripple associated with a three-phase, six-pulse rectified generator? 13 percent (Lang Q&A, 283)
What process is when a high-speed electron entering the tungsten target is attracted to the positive nucleus of a tungsten atome and then is decelerated Bremsstrahlung (Lang Q&A, 284)
What is used in digital fluoroscopy, replacing the image intensifier's television camera tube? charge-coupled device (Lang Q&A, 284)
What does the resulting image look like when a three-phase timer can be tested for accuracy using a synchronous spinning top? solid arc, with the angle (in degrees) representative of the exposure time (Lang Q&A, 284)
What device is adjusted when the radiographer selects the kilovoltage on the control panel? autotransformer (Lang Q&A, 284)
What are star and wye configurations are related to? three-phase transformers (Lang Q&A, 284)
What device directs the light emitted from the image intensifier to various viewing and imaging apparatus? beam splitter (Lang Q&A, 285)
What systems functions to compensate for changing patient/part thicknesses during fluoroscopic procedures? automatic brightness control (Lang Q&A, 285)
What are disadvantages of moving grids over stationary grids? they can prohibit the use of very short exposure times and they can increase patient radiation dose (Lang Q&A, 286)
How accurate ,ust the kV settings be when tested annually? +/- 4 kV (Lang Q&A, 286)
An incorrect relationship between the primary beam and the center of a focused grid results in what? grid cut off and insufficient radiographic density (Lang Q&A, 286)
What kind of beam is the xray tube in CT imaging systems is most likely associated with? a pulsed xray beam (Lang Q&A, 286)
The total brihgtness gain of an image intensifier is the product of what? flux gain and focusing gain (Lang Q&A, 287)
A spinning-top device can be used to evaluate what? timer accuracy and rectifier failure (Lang Q&A, 287)
What is the device used to ensure reproducible radiogrpahs. regardless of tissue-density variations? automatic exposure control (Lang Q&A, 287)
What device is used to change alternating current to unidirectional current? a solid-state diode (Lang Q&A, 287)
What controls the path of electron flow from the photocathode to the output phosphor (to maintain image clarity in an image-intensifier system? electrostatic lenses (Lang Q&A, 287)
What does the image-intensifier tube's input phosphor functions to convert? xrays to light (Lang Q&A, 287)
What equipment is mandatory for performance of a myelogram? tilting xray table (Lang Q&A, 288)
What characteristics of xray tube targets determine heat capacity? the rotation of the anode, diameter of the anode and the size of the focal spot (Lang Q&A, 288)
What describes the amount of electrical charge flowing per second? Current (Lang Q&A, 289)
What does moving the image intensifier closer to the patient during fluoroscope do? decrease SID, decrease patient dose, improves image quality (Lang Q&A, 289)
What are the advantages of battery-powered mobile x-ray units? ability to store a large quantity of energy and to store energy for extended periods of time (Lang Q&A, 290)
What circuit device permits electrons to flow in only one direction? solid-state diodes (Lang Q&A, 290)
What principle would an AEC device operate on? a photomultiplier tube charged by a fluorescent screen and a parallel plate ionization chamber charged by xray photons (Lang Q&A, 290)
What functions to increase milliamperage? increase in heat of the filament (Lang Q&A, 290)
What special application does fractional focus tubes with a .3 mm focal spot or smaller in? magnification radiography (Lang Q&A, 290)
What device is used to control voltage by varying resistance? Rheostat (Lang Q&A, 292)
What will the anode angle have an effect on? severity of the heel effect, focal spot size and heat load capacity (Lang Q&A, 292)
What are light sensitive AEC devices known as? phototimers (Lang Q&A, 292)
What devices are components of a typical fluoroscopic video display system? TV camera and TV monitor (Lang Q&A, 292)
What is the voltage across the xray tube in three phase equipment? 87-96% of the maximum value and is at nearly constant potential (Lang Q&A, 293)
Wha material would be appropriate for the IP front material? magnesium and bakelite (not tungsten) (Lang Q&A, 293)
What does the accurate operation of the AEC device depend on? positioning of the object with respect to the photocell and beam restriction (Lang Q&A, 294)
What is the image intensifier's input phosphor generally composed of> cesium iodide (Lang Q&A, 294)
The total number of xray photons produced at the target is contingent on what? tube current, target material and square of kilovoltage (Lang Q&A, 294)
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