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Unit 3 Vocab


accomplishment (n.) achievement; completion
advantage (n.) a more favorable position; superiority or a better chance
constant (adj.) regular; uninterrupted; (n.) something unchanging as a mathematical quantity
corrective (adj.) tending to improve a defect or weakness
credit (n.) recognition; honor; praise; (v.) to believe; give recognition or praise
determined (adj.) decided; firm; settled
grasp (v.) to take or seize; clutch; hold; control; understanding
intense (adj.) to an extreme degree; considerable; deeply felt
involve (v.) to include; participate in
massive (adj.) big; larger than normal; imposing or impressive
orthopedic (adj.) of or relating to the study and treatment of bones and joints
quantity (n.) an amount; a portion; a great amount
radiology (n.) the science dealing with the use of x-rays in the diagnosis and treatment of disease
recall (v.) to bring back to mind; remember; call back; (n.) the ability to remember information
sensitivity (n.) response to outside conditions and stimulations; responsiveness to others' feelings
sheer (adj.) absolute; pure; easily seen through as applied to cloth
specialist an expert in a specific field
stamina endurance; the physical or mental ability to continue on undertaking in spite of difficulties
tranquilize (v.) to calm through use of medication; cause to relax
veterinarian a medical doctor specializing in the treatment of animals
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