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Elec. test SG (2/18)

Study Guide

How does an electric motor spin? An electromagnet attracts and then repels magnets in the motor
How does AC and DC current differ? The direction of charge flow
Electrical current passes easily through this Conductor
What do you get from the power company? Energy
A closed conductive pathway for electrical current to flow is called? Closed Circuit
An open conductive pathway for electrical current that does not flow is called? Open circuit
What is a good conductor of electricity? metal
In a circuit, a voltage difference: supplies energy to make charges flow
What is a large wheel that rotates when pushed by water, wind or steam called? turbine
Power is the rate of what? energy flow
Power is equal to ______ X_______. Voltage X Current
What do positive electrical charges do? repel positive charges and attract negative charges.
This devise can increase or decrease AC voltage Transformer
Increasing the current in an electromagnet will? Make the magnetic field stronger
The mathematical relationship between current, voltage, and resistance? Ohm's law
Iron rod inside and electrical coil? Electromagnet
The ability to resist electrical current? electrical resistance
Electrical current refers to what? Flowing charges
What is electromagnetic induction? current enters a wire by a moving magnet
Current that reverses the direction of current flow? Alternating current (AC)
Where is the Earth's magnetic north pole. Under Antarctica, the Earth's geographic south pole
Static electricity occurs when...? When there is an excess charge that attracts objects
What type of machine produces electric current by rotating a coil of wire in a magnetic field? Generator
T or F- A closed circuit is "on". True
This id measured in Ohms resistance
Current that only flows in one direction Direct current (DC)
These are poor conductors of electricity? Insulators
House are wired in these circuits? Parallel
The unit for electrical energy Kilowatt hour
Created by: FordLCHS