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Image Production

ARRT Registry Review- Image Production and Eval

What part of the imaging plate in a CR system records the image? Photstimulable phosphor (197)
What transforms light into the image in a PSP system? Analog to Digital Converter (197)
What does windowing refer to? changing brightness and/or contrast (198)
What position should radiographic film be stored in? Vertically (199)
Name a few pathologic conditions in which technique needs to be increased? ascites, pagets, pneumonia, CHF, atelectasis (238)
Name a few pathologic conditions in which technique needs to be decreased. Osteoporosis, osteomalacia, emphysema (238)
How is grid ratio determined? height of lead strips:width between strips (239)
What is the direction of electron movement in the x-ray tube? cathode to anode (205)
What is grid cutoff? absorption of useful radiation (206)
What changes the latent image to a computerized image in CR? Analog to Digital Converter (206)
What is the correct order of steps in a film processor? Developer, Fixer, Washer, then Dryer (209)
What is reduction of photons as it passes through an object? Absorption (209)
What is used to overcome drastic variation in tissue densities? Compensating filter (210)
What is the lead layer on the back of an IP for? prevent scatter (213)
What imaging system offers the widest dynamic range? CR (213)
What device is used to measure object thickness? caliper (214)
As kV increases, what is the impact on the image? longer contrast scale (216)
What test evaluates focal spot accuracy? slit camera (257)
What test evaluates focal spot size? slit camera/pinhole camera/star pattern (257)
What is the ratio of height of lead strips to distance between them? Grid ratio (217)
Where is the greatest intensity in the beam with the anode heel effect? Cathode end (217)
What stores, archives, exchanges, and transmits digital images? PACS (261)
What term means an object is projected on IR smaller than it really is? foreshortening (222)
What is the minimum alteration required to notice a change in density? +30% mAs (222)
What temperature should film be stored at? 40-60 degrees Farenheit (268)
What humidity should film be stored at? 40-60 % humidity (268)
What do high temperatures/humidity cause? fog and loss of contrast (268)
What does low humidity do to the film? create static electricity (268)
What is the line-focus principle? principle that actual focal spot is larger than the effective spot size (270)
What is continued emission of light by phosphor after the source has stopped? phosphorescence (226)
Created by: magrissom