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Imaging Procedures

ARRT Registry Review- Imaging Procedures

What term refers to turned inwards? Varus (82)
What term refers to turned outwards? Valgus (82)
T/F Orbits are filled with the petrous ridges for a PA Skull projection? True (82)
How does emphysema affect the intercostal spaces? it widens the intercostal spaces (82)
During an UGI, the fundus is barium filled and there is double contrast present in the pylorus and duodenal bulb. What position is the patient in? LPO (85)
In an RAO position during an UGI, what structures are barium filled? pylorus and duodenum (85)
What is Graves disease associated with? Thyroid overactivity (86)
What is best visualized on the Towne's Projection? Occipital bone (86)
RPO Judet view of the right side demonstrates what? Right anterior rim of acetabulum, right posterior ilioischial column and right iliac wing (86)
What is the method best used for a sternum frontal view? RAO (86)
What is spondylolisthesis? forward slipping of one vertebra onto one below (87)
What is the breakdown of pars interarticularis? Spondylolysis (87)
What position puts the right kidney parallel to the IR? LPO (88)
What position is required to demonstrate small amounts of air in the peritoneal cavity? Lateral decubitus with the affected side up (89)
When ASIS-tabletop measures <19cm, what is the angle for an AP knee? 3-5 degrees caudad (89)
When ASIS-tabletop measures 19-24 cm, what is the angle for an AP knee? perpendicular to the IR (89)
When ASIS-tabletop measures >24cm, what is the angle for an AP knee? 3-5 degrees cephalad (89)
What results from a persisten fetal foramen ovale? Atrial Septal defect (91)
What vertebral level is the sternal angle at? T5 (91)
What projection best demonstrates the mortise view of the angle? Medial Oblique Ankle (93)
Which shoulder projection shows lesser tubercle? Internal rotation (94)
Which shoulder projection shows the greater tubercle? External rotation (94)
What part of the distal humerus articulates with the ulna? Trochlea (94)
What space is contrast put into for myelography? Subarachnoid space (94)
On the Scotty Dog Oblique Lumbar, what does the eye represent? Pedicle (96)
What does the ear represent on the Scotty Dog? superior articular process (96)
What does the nose represent on the Scotty Dog? transverse process (96)
What does the neck represent on the Scotty Dog? pars interarticularis (96)
what does the body represent on the Scotty Dog? lamina (96)
What does the front foot represent on the Scotty Dog? inferior articular process (96)
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