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Linguistics 180-193

linguistics pages 180-193

not legible, impossible or hard to read, undecipherable illegible
not literate, unable to read or wrtie, uneducated illiterate
not logical, not observing the rules of logic (correct reasoning), irrational,fallacious illogical
not spotted, stainless, absolutely clean immaculate
not mature, not fully grown or developed, young, childish immature
state of being not punished, freedom from punishment, harm, loss, etc. immunity impunity
not accesible,unreachable, hard to get to, unapproachable inaccessible
not ceasing, continuing without interuption, interminable, ceaseless incessant
not flexible, not easily bent, firm, unyielding inflexible
state of being not grateful, ungratefulness, lack of gratitude ingratitude
not hospitable, not showing kindness to guest and strangers, unfriendly inhospitable
not soluble, incapable of being solved, unsolvable, irresolvable insoluble
not reconcilable, not able to be brought into friendly accord or commpromise, incompatible irreconcilable
not relevant,inapplicable, off the topic, extraneous irrelevant
irrevocablenot revocable, incapable of being recalled or revokes, unalterable, irrevrsible irrevocable
blessing, good wishes, approbation benediction
curse malediction
person who gives kindly aid, money, or a similar benefit benefactor
offender, evildoer, criminal malefactor
productive of good, hlepful, advantageous beneficial
person recieving some good, advantage, or benefit beneficiary
disposed to promaote the welfare of others, kind, charitable benevolent
showing ill will, spiteful, malicious, vicious malevolent
badly adjusted, out of harmony with ones environment maladjusted
ill will, intention or desire to harm another, enmity, malevolence malice
bad or faulty nutrition, poor nourishment malnutrition
treat badly or roughly, mistreat, abuse maltreat
deteriorating, growing worse, declining decadent
having leaves that fall off at the end of the growing season, shedding leaves deciduous
out of one's mind, mad, insane, deranged demented
pull or tear down, destroy, raze, wreck demolish
move down in grade or rank, degradem downgrade demote
unable to exist without the support of another dependent
1. Go down in price or value2. speak slightingly of, belittle, desparage depreciate
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