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Spain´s climates

Geography of Spain

What are the main mountain ranges in Spain? Cantabrian mountains, Sistema Central, Sistemas Béticos, Pyrinees, and Sistema Ibérico
What are the longer rivers in Spain? Tagus, Duero, Guadalquivir, Guadiana and Ebro
What´s the longest river within Spanish territory? Ebro river
What´s the highest mountain in the Iberian peninsula? Mulhacén, in the Sistemas Béticos
What´s the highest mountain in Spain? The Teide, an active volcano on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands)
What´s the name of the channel that connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean? Strait of Gibraltar
What´s the definition of Ría? A drowned river valley, formed when the sea rises and the land sinks.
Where are located the Northern and Southern plateaus? In the centre of the Iberian Peninsula
What´s the definition for reforestation? Planting new forests
What are the main characteristics of the Mediterranean climate? Hot summers, mild winters, not much rain, and a typical vegetation of evergreen forest and aromatic shrubs
What´s the climate in the Canary Islands? Subtropical, as the islands are near the Tropic of Cancer
What´s the vegetation in the Atlantic (Oceanic) climate? Decidious broadleaf forest (they drop the leaves because there is much rain)
What's the location of the Atlantic climate? The North coast of Spain, from Galicia to Navarra.
What´s the human influence on the Mediterranean area? Farmland, with traditional crops as wheat, vines and olives. Modern crops, fruit trees, and vegetables grown in greenhouses
Where's the location of the Alpine climate? Anywhere the mountain are higher than 1000-1200 metres
What are the most important characteristics of the Continental climate? Very hot summers, cold winters and moderate rainfall (350-700 mm annually)
What the most important coastal reliefs in the Mediterranean Coast? GIbraltar Strait, Bay of Málaga, Cape of Gata, Cape Palos, Gulf of Alicante, Cape de la Nao, Gulf of Valencia, Ebro's Delta and Cape of Creus
Name the most important coastal reliefs in the Cantabrian and Atlantic Ocean Cape Matxitxako, Cape Ajo, Cape de Peñas, Estaca de Bares Point, Cape Ortegal, Cape Fisterra, and High and Low Galician Rías
How are the rivers in the Atlantic coast? Short, with great volume of flow and powerful (erosion). Examples: Bidasoa, Sella, Nalón, Navia...
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