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sterile products

Chapter 8

what are some of the viruses known to be linked to cancer liver inf/hep/ebvirus/herpes/hpv
cytoxic defined chemicals that are toxic to cells, preventing their reproduction or growth
antineoplastic defined drug intended to inhibit or prevent the maturation and proliferation of neoplasms that may become malignant
cycle-phase-nonspecific agents defined agents that work on a cell at any time during the cells cycle
5 types of cycle-phase-nonspecific agents *nitrogen mustard*ethylenimines*alkyl sulfonates*triazenes*nitrosources
cycle-phase-specific agents defined agents work on a specific cycle during the cell cycle.used for rapid growing tumors
name 5 types cycle-phase-specific agents *carboplatin*cisplatin*ifosfamide*paclitaxel*mesna
mutagenic defined causes cells to mutate
carcinogenic defined causes cancer
teratogenic can cause birth defects
BSC biological safety cabinet
what class BSC should chemo agents be prepared in class II
what are the 2 main differences of a BSC *some are directly vented outside *others filter the air againbefore recirculatin
BSC are validated every ____mos for integrity 6
HEPA filters are recertified every _____________mos 6/or if hood is removed
shadowing defined the act of blocking air flow in the BSC
properly trained employees should have these requisites/knowledge when working with aseptic procedures(4)________,_________,___________,_________ *proper training*compentency assessment*cont ed*recertification yrly
teratogenic defined tending to produce anomalies of formation
aerosolization defined suspension of small particles(liq or powder) in the air
define permeability property or state of being penetrable
what are some of the risks assoc w/the handling of chemo drugs(2)_____________________,____________________ *drug may get out of the container and in the air
the drug may enter the handlers body thru (5) inhalation,aborbtion,ingestion,accidental injection
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