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sterile products

Chapter 7

TPN does what provides an alternate nutrition route in cases of severe gastrointestinal distress and/or poor nutrition absorbtion
TPN (also known as) Hyperlimentation -hyperals
What is the average time of administration for TPN 10-12 hrs
TPN is made between the range of _ml-__L 500-4
what is the average volume of TPM 3-4
what are the 7average ingredients in a TPN_____,_____,_____,_____,_____,_____,______ *sugar*lipids*trace elements*carbs*electrolytes*protein*amino acids
Base ingredients in a TPN(4)_______,______________,__________________,____________________________ *amino acids *dextrose 70/50*sterile water*lipids20
the most common source of calories in TPN are (2)_________________,____________________ dextrose, fat
each gram of dextrose provides _________kcal 3.45
lipids are avail in what % concentrations 10/20/30
what lipid concentration can be infused directly into the vein__________which one must be admixed in IV_______ 10/20/30
a healthy patients caloric support is best provided as a mixed fuel with __-__%of the calories derived from dextrose and __-__% fat 50/80 20/50
each gram of fat provides ____kcal 9
amino acids defined building blocks of proteins
amino acids help provide ________________________________________________ enough nitrogen for the patient
what is PROTOCAL the standard plan for a course of medical treatment
factors considered when deciding on a peripheral or central line(8) *type of medication*osmolarity/pH of solution to be administered*duration of therapy*dx of med condition of patient*patient references*avail/condition of patients vein*patient history*secondary risk factors
hyperglycemia too high a level of glucose
hypoglycemia too low a level of glucose
In re: to TPN, why remove filters proteins will stick to the filters altering the dose
In re: to base ingredients-which additive should be added last lipids
how many additives can a micromix compounder add 10
Phosphate supplementation(potassium phosphate) is often incompatable with calcium it causes a formation of an insoluable salt
Which hood are TPNs usually compounded LAH
TPN is broken down into 2 elements base/additives
FYI for TPN volume scenario it is better to choose a bag that is too big vs too small
what is a Viaflex bag an empty IV bag
When adding base ingredients to bag -what is the order dextrose/amino acids/lipids/ SWFI
Why should lipids be added last in a TPN because it is opaque white
amino acids act as a buffer between what 2 elements dextrose/lipids
why does amino acids act as a buffer to minimize a possible chemical reaction
which ADDITIVE should be added first potassium phosphate
which ADDITIVE should be added next to last calcium gluconate
which ADDITIVE is added last multivitaminMVI
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