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Linguistics p167-172

move out of a country or region to settle in another emigrate
move into a foreign country or region as a permanent resident immigrate
standing or jutting out; conspicuous; famous; distinguished; noteworthy eminent
hanging over one's head; threatening; about to occur; impending imminent
(literally, "take out the nerves or strength") lessen the strength of; enfeeble; weaken enervate
gradual wearing away; deterioration; depletion erosion
bring out; call forth; elicit; produce evoke
call on for help or protection; appeal to for support invoke
cut out; remove by cutting out excise
cut into; carve; engrave incise
1. shutting out, or tending to shut out, others2. not shared with others; single; sole exclusive
1. (literally, "shutting in") including the limits (dates, numbers, etc.) mentioned2. broad in scope; comprehensive inclusive
(literally, "hold out") show; display exhibit
(literally, "hold in") hold in check; restrain; repress inhibit
drive out; force out; compel to leave; banish; eject expel
drive on; force; compel impel
(literally, "fold in or involve") show to be part of or connected with; involve; entangle implicate
(literally, "fight against") call in question; assail by words or arguments; attack as false; contradict; attack; malign impugn
put in prison; imprison; confine incarcerate
(literally, "write on") write, engrave, or print to create a lasting record; imprint; autograph inscribe
one who rises in revolt against established authority; rebel; mutineer insurgent
rebellious; insubordinate; mutinous insurgent
outside the regular curriculum or course of study extracurricular
coming from or existing outside; foreign; not essential; not pertinent; irrelevant extraneous
1. outside or beyond the bounds of reason; excessive2. spending lavishly, wasteful extravagant
within the walls or boundaries (of a school, college, etc.); confined to members (of a school, college etc.) intramural
within a party intraparty
within a state intrastate
within or by way of the veins intravenous
(short for contra) against; on the negative side con (adv.)
(used mainly in the plural) opposing argument; reason against con (n.)
merchandise imported or exported contrary to law; smuggled goods contraband
go or act contrary to; violate; disregard; infringe contravene
(literally, "a turning against") dispute; debate; quarrel controversy
(followed by to) contrary; in the opposite direction counter
cancel (an order) by issuing a contrary order; revoke countermand
not able to be "turned against" or disputed; unquestionable; certain; indisputable incontrovertible
(literally, "go between") interfere to reconcile differences; mediate; plead in another's behalf; intervene intercede
(literally, "catch between") stop or seize on the way from one place to another; interruput; catch intercept
inserted between lines already printed or written interlinear
anything filling the time between two events; interval; break; intermission interlude
go-between; mediator intermediary
pause between periods of activity; interval; interruption intermission
(literally, "cut between") cut by passing through or across; divide; cross intersect
between cities or towns interurban
1. come between2. come in to settle a quarrel; intercede; mediate intervene
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