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RADT 456: Equipment

ARRT registry review

What refers to the percentage drop from maximum voltage each pulse of current experiences? (303) Voltage ripple
What is defined as the amount of electric charge flowing per second? (309) Current
What test is used to test timer accuracy in single-phase equipment? (317) Spinning-top test
What are the two major types of mobile x-ray equipment? (313) capacitor-discharge and battery powered
Is the stator or the rotor located outside the glass envelope? (311) Stator
The timer, autotransformer, and (pre reading) kilovoltage meter are located on which side of the x-ray circuit? (306) Low-voltage circuit
What kind of tubes are x-ray tubes? (296) Diode tubes
True or False. As a filament ages, vaporized tungsten may be deposited on the window and act as an additional filter. (298) True
What is used to change the value of the alternating current? (300) Transformers
An AEC is an example of a? (301) Phototimer
Filtration that is built into the x-ray tube is known as? (305) Inherent filtration
What is the input phosphor or image intensifiers usually made of? (312) Cesium iodide
What is the focusing cup composed of? (316) Molybdenum
What does PACS refer too? (307) Picture archiving and communication system
What is there term that defines the relationship between the collimator light field and the actual x-ray field--that must be within 2% of the SID? (304) Congruence
Each time an x-ray exposure is made, how much of the total energy is converted to x-rays? (309) less than 1%
What type of test should specify that radiation output be consistent to within +/- 5%? (316) Reproducibility test
What refers to the percentage drop from maximum voltage each pulse of current experiences? (303) Voltage ripple
As filtration is added to the x-ray beam what type of x-ray photons are removed? (299) lower-energy
Compton scatter and photoelectric effect are interactions between? (303) x-ray photons and tissue atoms
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