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sterile products

chapter 5, 6 &9

aseptic technique defined the method used to manipulate sterile products so that they remain sterile
anteroom defined room located just outside the clean room
where does the dressing occur when prepping to do aseptic techniques the anteroom
what does PPE stand for personal protective equipment
normal bacterial flora bacteria on all surfaces of our body
immunocompromised a condition in which the immune system is not functioning normally
all compounding must be performed at least _______inches inside the edge of the LAH 6
the blower should remain on all the time T or F T
how long should the LAH blower be left on before use ___min 30
LAH should be cleaned with _______,______or________ 70%alcohol, lint free wipe, gauze
areas that must be swabbed with alcohol is(4)_______,________,_______,____________ vial tops, ampule necks, tops of bottles ports of any IV or IVPB bags
swabbing with alcohol is important in 2 ways_______________,______________________ *removing any physical contaminants such as dust *acts as a disinfectant because of the evaporation of alcohol/creates sterility
what is the 20% rule total volume being measured must be at least 20 percent of the total size of the syringe
several situations in which you must use preservative free vials ________,__________,_________ *pediatric dilution *epidurals (*intrathecals
do not add air to which kind of drugs(2) _____________,__________________ *gas producing drugs *chemo drugs
what are the 2 classifications of IV bags(2)______________,_____________ IVPG iv piggy back IV/ drips
IVPB consist of what 2 base fluids________,__________ D5W or NS
what is the objective of IVPB(2) ___________________,___________________ *the patient cant take meds via another method *needs to act quickly
what types of medications are usually used in IVPG(5)_________________,___________________,_____________________,_____________________,__________________ *antibiotic*antifungal*antiviral*mineral replacement*maintenance meds
once an IVPB has been defrosted ,what is the expiration time period between 14 and 28 days
purpose of "drips" are meds given to the patient until he shows improvement or to relieve terminal pain.
epogen defined is a man-made form of a protein that helps your body produce red blood cells.
what is SAS surgical antibiotic solution
autoclaving process of subjecting compound to immense heat
what are the 5 "rights" *patient*medication*dose*route*time
Quality improvement ensures what that while the processes are performed over time, integrity is not lost to problems such as a lack of training,eqip failure,outdated facilitites, other non compliance issues
what is GMP good manufacturing practices
essential to Quality Improvement is(6)________________ ,________________,_______________,____________________,________________,-__________________ *monitoring trends*conducting audits*id and analyz problems*take corrective measures*conducting tests*suggest change
Various agencies issue guidelines to help WHAT (2)__________________,__________________- *establish standard practices *ensure universal testing procedures
Many regulatory agencies and professional associations have published guidelines for aseptic procedures and quality control programs in pharmacy to cover(2)____________,___________ *Good Manufacturing purposes *Quality Assurance Programs
Who publishes (GMP)Good Manufacturing Practice FDA
FDA- GMP set of guidelines for "sterile processing" include(4)______________,_________________,__________________,_____________________________ *compounding of sterile products*manufacturing of sterile products for aseptic processing*Quality systems regulations*Quality system regulations
JCAHO stands for joint commission of accreditation of healthcare organizations
JCAHO publishes many general standards regarding(2)_______________,______________________ *pharmeceuticals*facilities that manufacture,store,deliver them
CDC center for disease control
CDC publishes guidelines to______________________- assist in the prevention of spreading disease and infection
ASHP american society of health systems pharmacist
what does ASHP do produces documents addressing quality assurance
USP united states pharmecopia
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