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sterile products

chapter 4

sterile products may be compounded into these 5 elements *inhalants *enterals *topicals *opthalmics *otics
injectables are administered in such a way that they bypass one of the greatest barriers to contamination.._______________ the skin
enterals a method of nutrient delivery in which the medication is given directly into the gastrointestinal tract
coring transferring part of the rubber stopper of the vial or container into a solution bag because of improper needle stick
pH defined the measure of how acidic or basic a solution is
p stands for _______________________ H stands for ______________________ p = potenz "potential to be" H = hydrogen
pH scale range is from #_______ (extremely acidic) #_______(extremely basic) 0 to 14
"bases" defined are substances that increase the number of hydroxIDE ions(OH) and thus remove the hydroGEN ions
when the pH rises the concentration becomes more_________ more basic
when the pH falls the concentration becomes more_______ more acidic
the pH scale is logarithmic: a decrease of one unit on this scale represents multiplying acidity ____________times ten
a pH of 6.9 or below is considered a _________________ acid
anything with a pH of 7.1 and above is considered an_________ alkali or base
human blood has a pH of ______ 7.4
most parental have an acidic range of (high) #________ 6.2
most parental have an acidic range of (low) #________ 3.5
what are the 3 types of incompatablilty *physical *chemical *therapeutic
name 5 types of physical changes_________,__________,__________,___________,______________ precipitation, cloudiness, temperature, color change, seperation
what happens in a chemical (incompatability) reaction________________________________________________________________________________________________ a change in the molecular structure or activity of the ingredients
what happens in a therapeutic incompatability reaction occurs when given 2 or more drugs within a short period of time results in decreased effectiveness on 1 or more of the ingredients
trissels handbook of injectable drugs contains detailed compatability and stability information for many injectable solutions
other factors to consider with incompatability include (4)___________,__________,___________,_____________ *concentrations * dilutions *order of mixing *preservatives
stability defined refers to the ability of the product to remain stable until used or the expiration date
factors that contribute to the stability is (4)________,_________,__________,______________ *temperature * length of time on the shelf *light sensativity *chemical reactions over time
in a hospital setting, sterile compounded products typically maintain a shelf life of 24-48 hrs
hypotonic defined a solution with a concentration less than 0.9% saline or less than 5% dextrose
hypertonic defined a solution with a concentration greater than 0.9% saline or greater than 5% dextrose
solute defined any substnace that dissolves another substance
tonicity refers to ____________________________________________________ response of cells or tissues to the solutions in which they are immersed
isotonic defined describes a solution with the same tonicity as another solution
isotonic solutions in the human body fall in the range of ____________to _________milliosmoles per liter 280-310
osmolality defined the concentration of solute in a solution per unit of solvent,commonly expressed as milliosmoles per kg
osmolarity defined the concentration of solute in a solution per unit of solution,commonly expressed as milliosmoles per liter
molality is the number of moles of a solute per kg of solvent
molarity is the number of moles of solute per liter of solution
sterile products have properties that must be taken into consideration(6)_______,_______,_______,_______,_______,______________ *pH *compatability *stability *tonicity *osmolality *osmolarity
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