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Relationship Vocab

Relationship & Family Vocab Words & Terms

Relationship is the interaction a person has with another person.
Social skills are skills that help you get along with other people in different social situations
Empathy is the ability to share in what another person is feeling
Conflict refers to a disagreement between two or more people or between two or more choices
Discriminate means to treat people or groups of people unfairly because they are different
Violence is the use of physical force to injure, damage, or destroy oneself, others or property.
Conflict Resolution Skills are steps you can use to resolve a disagreement in a safe way
Mediation is a process in which an uninvolved third party helps people in a conflict reach a solution
Mediator is an outside person who helps people in a conflict reach a solution
Family is the basic unit of society, made up of a group of people related, including parents, stepparents, guardians, children and sometimes other relatives
Healthful Friendship is a stable relationship that supports mutual respect and healthful behavior.
Affection means warm feelings towards another person
Couple Family Husband and wife
Traditional Family Husband, wife and children
Foster Family consist of one or more adults caring for a child or children who do not live with their birth parents
Single-parent Family consist of one parent and one or more children
Joint-Custody Family consists of a father and mother who separately spend time with their children and do not live together
Blended Family consist of a husband and wife, one or both of whom have children from a previous relationship
Extended Family includes family members from three or more generations or age groups, living together
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