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terminology only

compounding to produce or mix by combining two or more parts.
excipients any more or less.inert substance added to a prescription in order to confer a suitable consistency or form to the drug; a vehicle.
lactose intolerant unable to digest dairy-based foods.
TPN intravenous feeding that provides patients with all essential nutrients when they are unable to feed themselves.
volatile evaporates readily.
auxillary labels .supplemental labels that contain important information.
formulation a recipe or prescription that lists the components and quantities of a product
pH the symbol relating the hydrogen ion concentration or activity of a solution to that of a given standard solution
shelf life how long a product is stable until decomposition
solvent capable of dissolving another substance.
stablilty the state of being stable
cross contamination when bacteria or particulates migrate to an undesired space and have the potential to cause harm
distilled water the most common diluent used. in compounding.
isopropyl alcohol 70% an acceptable substance used to wipe down areas to help keep them as clean as possible.
SOP Standard Operating Procedure, a documentation of the operation of a process.
work station the area defined inside a clean room where the compounding takes place.
audit an examination of records to verify accuracy
calibration the set of gradients that show position or value
disinfectant an agent or a chemical that destroys, neutralizes, or inhibits the growth of disease-carrying microorganisms
FDA Food and Drug Administration
palatable acceptable to the taste
pyrogenicity producing or produced by fever
triad the professional relationship between the pharmacist. pat.ient. and physician
capsule a solid dosage form in which the active ingredient and any necessary excipiens are enclosed in either a soft or hard soluble gelatin shell
density the amount of darkness or light in anarea ofa scan that reflects the compactness and density of tissue
insufflation to blow onto or in
opaque not reflecting light; dark
powder a solid dosage form made from blended mixture oI active ingredients and excipients
prophylactic preventive measure or medication
solubility the degree of being able to dissolve into
sub-therapeutic below the desired beneficial result
super-therapeutic above the desired beneficial result
tablet solid dosage form that may be administered orally, sublingually, vaginally, or as an implant or pellet under the skin
trituration the process of reducing the particle size of a substance by grinding it (typically with a mortar and pestle)
disintegrate to decompose or break down
fusion the merging of different elements
incorporating uniting with
mottle to mark with spots or blotches
mucosal tissue membrane tissue lining all body passages that communicate with the air
sytemically of or relating to systemic circulation
troche interchangeable term with lozenges, but sometimes made in soft form
aromatic waters clear, saturated aqueous solutions of volatile oils or aromatic substances; may be used internally or externally
buffers ingredients that prevent change in the concentration of another chemical substance
co-solvent system two ingredients together used as a solvent
elixers solutions that are sweetened and alcohol-based
emulsions a type of suspension consisting of trvo immiscible liquids and an emulsifying agent to hold them together
geriatric referring to a senior patient
hydrophilic readily- absorbing moisture
hydrphobic property of repelling water
mucilage sticky mixture
solutions clear liquid preparations in which all of the ingredients are dissolved in a suitable vehicle: may contain one or more active ingredients
suspensions liquids that contain ingredients, both active and inert, that are not soluble in the vehicle, but rather suspended or resuspended upon shaking
trituration the act of reducing a drug to a fine powder
cream opaque, soft solids or thick liquids for topical use
gel semi-solid systems consisting of suspensions made up of small inorganic particles or of large organic molecules interpenetrated by a liquid
humectants a substance that Promotes the retention of moisture
levigate to make smooth
magna a particle size that is large in a two-phase system
micelle alarge water drop surrounded by an oil formation
ointment semi-solid topical preparations that are applied to the skin or mucous membranes
paste stiff or very viscous ointments that do not melt or soften at body temperature
PLO gels Pluronic-lecithin organo gels
autoclaved a method of sterilization where heat is used
filtration the passage of a liquid through a filter to sterilize or remove foreign particles
surtactants a surface-active substance
tonicity a state o[ normal tension of the tissues by virtue of which the parts are kept in shape, alert,and ready to function in response to a suitable stimulus
viscosity a physical property of fluids that determines the internal resistance to shear forces
idiosyncrasies unusual individual reactions to food or a drug
micronize to reduce pafiicles to just a few microns in diameter
miscible susceptible to being mixed
palatable pleasing to the taste
receptors a molecular structure within a cell or on the surface char acterized by s el e c tive binding of a specific substance and a specific physiologic effect that accompanies the binding
therapeutic a desired effect pertaining to the art of healing
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