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RADT465 Direct Study

Unit 5-Radiation Protection

What is the unit of radiation absorbed dose? Gray (Bushong,10th ed., p. 22)
What is the unit of radiation exposure or intensity? Air kerma (Bushong,10th ed., p. 22)
What is the unit of occupational radiation exposure and effective dose? Sievert (Bushong,10th ed., p. 23)
Uncharged molecule that contains a single unpaired electron in outer shell free radical (Bushong,10th ed., p. 491)
The immediate response of radiation sickness prodromal period (Bushong,10th ed., p. 505)
The time after exposure during which there is no sign of radiation sickness latent period (Bushong,10th ed., p. 505)
Characterized by reduction in white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets hematologic syndrome (Bushong,10th ed., p. 505)
_____ is the shrinkage of an organ or tissue caused by cell death. Atrophy (Bushong,10th ed., p. 505)
What is the first observed biologic response? Erythema (Bushong,10th ed., p. 508)
These are the most radiosensitive cells in the body? lymphocytes and spermatogonia (Bushong,10th ed., p. 512)
List the three parts hemopoietic system bone marrow, circulating blood, and lymphoid tissue (Bushong,10th ed., p. 516)
The theory of radiation hormesis suggests that very low radiation does are _________. beneficial (Bushong,10th ed., p. 523)
What is the most radiosensitive period of pregnancy? first trimester (Bushong,10th ed., p. 531)
What are the three cardinal principles of radiation protection? time, distance, and shielding (Bushong,10th ed., p. 539)
Leakage radiation must be less than ________ at a distance of _____ from the protective housing. 1mGy/hour ; 1m (Bushong,10th ed., p. 549)
The SID indicator must be accurate to within ____%. 2 (Bushong,10th ed., p. 549)
________ radiation is the useful beam. primary (Bushong,10th ed., p. 553)
The two types of secondary radiation. scatter radiation and leakage radiation (Bushong,10th ed., p. 553)
When does a technologist receive most of their occupational radiation exposure? fluoroscopy (Bushong,10th ed., p. 554)
What is the annual recommended occupational dose limit per year? 50 mSv (Bushong,10th ed., p. 555)
Three expressions of patient radiation dose entrance skin dose, gonadal dose, and bone marrow dose (Bushong,10th ed., p. 566)
The exposure cord on a portable x-ray unit must be at least _____m long. 2 (Bushong,10th ed., p. 588)
Recommended thickness of lead protection .25mmPb (Bushong,10th ed., p. 592)
Normal thickness of lead protection .5mmPb (Bushong,10th ed., p. 592)
This type of radiation monitor is very sensitive, accurate, and can be worn for up to a year OSL dosimeter (Bushong,10th ed., p. 596)
Radiographer should never_____ patients. hold (Bushong,10th ed., p. 596)
What is the device used to reduce the intensity of scatter radiation in the x-ray beam? Grid (Bushong,10th ed., p. 606)
What is the measure of the rate at which energy is transferred from ionizing radiation to soft tissue? Linear energy transfer (LET) (Bushong,10th ed., p. 608)
What is the dose of standard radiation necessary to produce a given effect to the dose of the test radiation needed for the same effect? Relative biologic effectiveness (RBE)
The device detects and measures exposure to ionizing radiation? dosimeter (Bushong,10th ed., p. 603)
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