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ARRT Registry Review

Equipment Op and QC

What is the process of "boiling off" electrons? Thermionic Emission (pg. 296)
What principle refers to the decreased beam intensity at the anode end of the x-ray beam? Anode-heel effect (pg. 296)
What is the minimum response time of an AEC? shortest possible exposure time (pg. 280)
What causes pitting of the focal track? Repeated, frequent overloading (pg. 280)
Name a few ways to harden or increase the effective energy of the x-ray beam. Increased Added Filtration Increase kVp (pg. 281)
What type of relationship does kV and HVL have? Direct- as one increases the other increases (pg. 282)
What does window width relate to? contrast scale (pg. 300)
What does window level relate to? brightness (pg. 300)
What does the motor convert? electrical energy to mechanical energy (pg. 300)
What are a few types of AECs? phototimer, ionization chamber (pg. 301)
What happens during Bremsstrahlung production? an approaching electron changes direction and loses energy (pg. 302)
What is the voltage ripple for a 3 phase 6 pulse rectified generator? 13% (pg. 303)
What is the ripple for a 3 phase 12 pulse rectified generator? 3.5% (pg. 303)
Where are the electrons produced in an x-ray machine? filament of cathode
What is quality control? regular measurement and evaluation of radiographic equipment components and their performance (pg. 304)
What device is adjusted when the radiographer changes the kilovoltage? autotransformer (pg. 304)
What does automatice brightness control compensate for? changing patient and part thickness during fluoro procedures (pg. 306)
How accurate must the kV be when tested annually? +/- 4 kV (pg 307)
What is current? the amount of electric charge flowing per second (pg. 309)
What is voltage? potential difference existing between two points (pg. 309)
What is capacitance? a quantity of stored electricity (pg. 309)
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