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Medical Terminology

Yellow Module- Pharmacology

absorption passage of a substance through some surface of the body into the body fluids
acromion process bony prominence of the shoulder
action how a drug acts in the body
addiction enslavement to some habit
administer to instill a drug into the body of a patient
ampule a container which holds a single dose of a medication
anaphylaxis severe allergic reaction
antidepressant medications used to relieve depression; mood elevators
antiepileptic agent used to reduce the number or severity of seizures
antifungal preparations used to treat systemic or local fungal infections
antihistamine agent used to counteract the effects of histamine
antitussive drugs that suppress the cough reflex & dry up secretions of the cough
aqueous thin & watery
aseptic free of pathogens
aspirate to draw by suction; to pull back on the syringe plunger to check for entry into a blood vessel
barrel hollow cylinder that makes up the body of the syringe
bevel the slanted opening of the needle
broad spectrum affecting a wide variety of pathogens
bronchodilator agent used to treat chronic bronchitis, asthma, & emphysema
buccal between the cheek & gum
cholinergic drugs used to decrease heart rate & act on smooth & skeletal muscle
contraindication conditions that make the administration of a drug improper or undesirable
cumulation accumulating of drugs to sometimes toxic levels
dependence the need to take a substance to avoid physical discomfort
dispense the giving of drugs, in some type of box, bottle, or other container to the patient
dosage the strength of medication to be administered
emetic drug used to induce vomiting
excretion elimination of waste products by the skin, kidneys, & intestines
expectorant drug used to increase the secretions & mucus from the bronchial tubes
flange flared part of a syringe barrel; used to steady the syringe while pulling or pushing the plunger
gauge the width of the needle
habituation the act of becoming accustomed to anything from frequent use
hypersensitivity exaggerated response to a drug or other foreign agent through allergic mechanisms
hypnotic drug that produces sleep & lessens brain activity
hypoglycemics drugs used to compensate for a lack of effective insulin activity
idiosyncrasy unexpected effect
indication conditions for which drugs are used
instillation pertaining to placing medication into the ear or eye drop by drop
narcotic drugs that depress the CNS
narrow spectrum affecting only specific pathogens
opiate controlled substance; derived from opium
photosensitivity rash that appears after exposure to strong light; a side effect of some drugs
potentiation the combination of two drugs sometimes causing an effect that is greater than the individual drugs alone
precipitate solid particles that separate out from a solution
prescribe to issue a prescription for the patient
reconstitute to add liquid to a concentrated substance to make a normal strength solution
rectal pertaining to the rectum
sciatic nerve large nerve in the pelvic area that carries nerve impulses to the legs
side effect an effect on the body other than the desired effect
site rotation the practice of injecting into different locations so as to avoid damaging tissue by repeated injections
steroids drugs that mimic hormones; used as anti-inflammatory agents, anti-allergy agents, & anti-stress agents
syringe instrument used to administer parenteral medications
tolerance effects of a given drug diminish as the treatment goes on; larger doses must be given to maintain the desired effect
topical on top of the skin
toxic effect poisonous effects & symptoms of toxicity
tranquilizers drug that reduces anxiety & tension without producing sleep
vaginal pertaining to the vagina
vial a container which holds one or more doses of a medication
viscosity sticky; gummy; thick
viscous thick & oily
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