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Manicuring Course

Professional Image

The art and science of beautifying and improving the skin, nails, and hair, and the study of cosmetics and their application. Cosmetology
A person who studies the art of Cosmetology. Cosmetologist
Principles of good character, proper conduct, and moral judgement, expressed through personality, human relation skills, and professional image. Ethics
The conscious act of planning your life rather than just letting things happen. Game Plan
The identification of long- and short-term goals. Goal Setting
A statement that sets forth the values that an individual or institution lives by and that establishes future goals. Mission Statement
A compulsion to do things perfectly. Perfectionism
To make a list of tasks that need to be done in the order of most to least important. Prioritize
Putting off until tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination
Study of how a workplace can best be designed for comfort, safety, efficiency, and productivity. Ergonomics
Daily maintenance of cleanliness by practicing good sanitary habits. Personal Hygiene
Person's physical posture, walk, and movements. Physical Presentation
Impression projeted by a person engaged in any profession, comsisting of outward appearance and conduct exhibited in the workplace. Professional Image
Inability to cope with a threat, real or imagined, to our well-being, which results in a series of responses and adaptations by our minds and bodies; tension caused by a situation. Stress
To make clear. Clarify
Verbal communication with a client to determine desired results. Client Consultation
The act of accurately sharing information between two people, or groups of people. Communication
Listening to the client and then repeating, in your own words, what you think the client is telling you. Reflective Listening
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