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blood & heart

what is the function of the heart propels blood and maintain blood pressure.
what is the function of vessels distribute blood
what are the vessels of the body arteries,capillaries,veins
what is the function of blood transports oxygen,carbon dioxide,blood cells and removes waste products
what is the job of the arteries carries blood away from the heart
what is the job of the capillaries permites the exchange of blood b/w vessels
what is the job of the veins carries blood to the heart
what 2 circuits does blood flow in pulmonary and systemic
describe the size of the heart size of a clench fist
what is the apex of the heart inferior pointed tip
what is the base of the heart superior surface of the heart
what is the most anterior part of the heart right atrium and right ventricle
what region is the heart located at mediastinum
what is the normal heart rate 70-80bpm
what is a cardiac cycle every 0.8 seconds
what is a full cardiac cycle 1 heart beat
what is bradycardia under 60 bpm
what is trachycardia over 100 bpm
what is a electrocardiogram record of the current across the heart
what does the P wave measures atria contracting
what does the QRS wave measures ventricle contracting
what does the T wave measures ventricles relaxed
what is angiography minimally invasive medical test that helps doctors diagnose and treat medical conditions
what machines does angio uses uses constrast material & CT, MRI,X-ray to produce pictures of major blood vessels throughout the blood.
how is the catheter inserted into the body into a vein through a small incision
when is the constrast injected into the body once the catheter is guided to the area being examined.Contrast is injected through the tube & images are captured using fluoroscopy
what can angio be use for aneurysms,atherosclerosis,stent evaluation,surgical guidance,planning for surgery,blood clots
what is the patient prep no patient prep
who inserts an IV line and what is it used for nurse,for a sedative
where is the catheter inserted at area of the groin
who makes the small incision for the catheter the radiologist
when are the x-rays taken after the contrast is injected through the catheter & reaches the blood vessels being studied-several x-rays are taken
how is the incision site closed by placing pressure on the area for approx.10 minutes.
when is the IV removed after the radiologist determines that all the necessary images have been obtained
how long can an catheter angiogram take can be perform in less than 1hr,or may last for serval hours
Created by: ambey