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RADT 465 Image Prod.

ARRT Registry Review Covering Image Production and Evaluation Content Area

Adding filtration will result in what effect on the x-ray beam? A decrease in x-ray intensity & an increase in effective energy of the x-ray beam (Saia, p 195)
What is the relationship between SID and recorded detail? Direct relationship ( Saia, p 196)
What component of a CR imaging plate actually records the radiographic image? Photostimulable phosphor (Saia, p 197)
Foreshortening can be caused by improper what? Alignment of the part and IR (placement of the part at an angle to the IR) (Saia, p 198)
Film fog can be attributable to what factors? The age of the film, excessive exposure to safelight, & processor chemistry (Saia, p 199)
Name some characteristics of DR imaging. Solid-state detector receptor plates, a direct-capture imaging system, & immediate image display (Saia, p 200)
What examples of pathological conditions would require an increase in exposure factors? Atelectasis, Paget disease, & congestive heart failure (Saia, p 201)
A 5-in. object is imaged with a 44-in. SID and is 6-in. from the image receptor. What will be the image width? 5.7 in. (Saia, p 203)
What circumstances allow for greater latitude for the radiographer? Using high kV technical factors & using a low-ratio grid (Saia, p 204)
Spatial resolution can be increased using the same FOV and what? A larger matrix (Saia, p 205)
In CR imaging, what is the component that changes the latent image present on the PSP to a computerized image? ADC (Saia, p 206)
If the kV is lowered by 15% and the mAs is increased by 50%, what will the end result be? Shorter scale of contrast (Saia, p 207)
What factors can affect the visibility of the anode heel effect? SID & IR size (Saia, p 208)
List the correct order of radiographic film processing. Developer, fixer, wash, dry (Saia, p 209)
Diagnostic x-rays are normally associated with ___ frequency and ___ wavelength. High; short (Saia, p 210)
What factors are attributable to both the quantity and quality of the primary beam? Half-value layer (HVL) and kilovoltage (kV) (Saia, p 211)
Underexposure of a radiographic image can be caused by what? mA, exposure time, & kV (Saia, p 212)
Quantum mottle is associated with what type of combination of factors? Decreased mAs, increased kV (Saia, p 213)
The anode heel effect can be applied to what types of imaging procedures? Lateral thoracic spine & AP femur (Saia, p 214)
Define the reciprocity law. A particular mAs value, regardless of the combination of mA and exposure time, will reproduce identical radiographic density (Saia, p 215)
How is magnification fluoroscopy accomplished? Moving the image intensifier focal point further from the output phosphor & selecting a smaller portion of the input phosphor (Saia, p 216)
What factors contribute to histogram appearance? Beam restriction, centering errors, & incorrect SID (Saia, p 217)
For what radiographic procedures is low kV required? Water-soluble, iodinated media & negative contrast agents (Saia, p 218)
A decrease from 200 to 100 mA will also decrease what? Exposure rate & beam intensity (Saia, p 219)
What factors can reduce the amount of scattered radiation reaching the IR? An air gap & a stationary grid (Saia, p 220)
What is the purpose for the electroconductive layer of a PSP plate? Facilitate transportation through the scanner/reader (Saia, p 221)
The exposure time can be decreased by 50% to reduce the chance of involuntary motion if the kV is what? Increased by 15% (Saia, p 223)
What interaction produces the most x-ray photons at the x-ray tube target? Bremsstrahlung (Brems) (Saia, p 224)
The relationship between the actual and the effective focal spot is described by the what? The line-focus principle (Saia, p 225)
What factors contribute to distortion? Tube angle, the position of the structure being imaged within the body, & the radiographic positioning of the part (Saia, p 229)
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