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Sterile products

Chapter 1

What are the 2 types of compounding *Extemporaneous *aseptic(sterile)
Extemporaneous compounding defined is the nonsterile compounding of oral and topical medications
aseptic (sterile) compounding defined preparation of sterile products intended for a specific route of administration.i.e IV, intrathecal,opthalmic etc
what is a pyrogen a substance the produces a fever
aseptic process includes these 4 specific steps *aseptic hand washing *wear proper and protective clothing *knowledge of skills re:eqt * solid product manipulation skills
enteral a method of nutrient delivery in which medication
name 6 routes of medication administration * inhalants *enterals *topicals *opthalmics *otics *parenterals
inhalants are inhaled thru the _________ and ___________ nose and mouth
define enteral a method of nutrient delivery in which medications are given directly into the gastrointestinal tract
what are .7 forms of medication that can be given via enterals *tablets *capsules *solutions *elixers *oral suspensions*lozenges *suppositories
most enteral medications are taken how mouth or large intestine (suppository)
topical medication defined placed on the skin where it is absorbed
name 5 forms of topical meds *patches * ointments * creams * pastes * liniments
what is the integumentary system the skin
what is opthalmics and otis used for eyes and ears
parenteral defined administered via injection
bolus defined an initial dose
piggyback defined delivery of a secondary iv solution from an outside source into an iv line containing fluid from an existing line
phlebitis inflammation of a vein
sepsis the presence of organisms in the blood
metathesis a mere change in place of a morbid substance without removal from the body
medications are administered intraveneously via 2 main routes peripheral line and central line
peripheral line defined locations/accesses are located in the extremities such as arms, hands and feet
central line defined are accesses in the main trunk of the body such as the subaortic or femoral line
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