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electron configurations explanations of periodic of the arrangement of electrons w/in atoms
valance electrons electrons in he outermost shell
electromagnetic radiation consists of oscillating perpendicular electric and magnetic fields that travel through space at the same rate "spd of light" 2.998 x 10^8 m/s
Spectrum the distribution of intensities of wavelengths or frequencies of electromagnetic radiation emitted or absorbed by an object.
wavelength distance btwn adjacent crests (or troughs) in a wave
frequency # of complete waves passing a pt in a given period of time--that is, cycles per second or simply persecond, 1/s
lower frequency = longer wavelength
higher frequency = shorter wavelength
per second is equivalent to hertz (Hz)
amplitude height of the crest
spd of light (c) 2.998 x 10^8 m/s
wavelength is measured in... (m, nm. etc.) unit length
Planck's constant 6.626 x 10^-34
E = hv E = hc/lambda
photoelectric effect certain metals exhibit a photoelectric effect: they emit electrons when illuminated by light of certain wavelengths
dual nature "wave" or "particle" characteristics. both ideas are needed to fully explain light's behavior
diffraction when waves of light pass thru such adjacent narrow slots, the waves are scattered so that the emerging light waves spread out
refraction bending of light by a prism and the diffraction of light by a diffraction grating, a device w/ a series of parallel, closely spaced small slits.
quantize To limit a variable or variables describing a physical system to discrete, distinct values. (photons are the quanta of energy)
continuous spectrum contains light of all wavelengths in the visible region
principle quantum number each allowed orbit was assigned an interger, n
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