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unit 10

chapter 3 study guide

The upward force exerted on an object falling through air is Air resistance
When an object moves in a circular path, it accelerates toward the center of the circle as a result of Centripetal force
The statement "for every reaction force there is an equal and opposite reaction force" is Newtons ______ law of motion. 3rd
Momentum p
Velocity v
Mass m
Force f
Acceleration a
Momentum kg*mls
Velocity mls
Mass kg
Force n
Acceleration mls2
An object that appears to be "weightless" is actually in Free fall
Newton's 2nd law explains the relationship between_____,_____&__________ Mass, force, and acceleration
A piece of paper and a penny will not fall at the same rate because of Air resistance
In the absence of air, a marble and a bowling ball would fall at The same rate.
The amount of gravitational force between objects depends on their______ and the ________________________ Masses and the distance between them
The path of a projectile is Curved
If a 100-N action force is exerted to the left, the reaction force will be ____N to the_____. 100, right
Acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 mls2
A bowling ball has more momentum than a baseball moving the same speed because The bowling balls mass is greater than the baseball.
Formula for Newton's 2nd law F=ma
Friction between two moving objects is____. Friction between two objects at rest is ______ Sliding, static
A car rounding a curve is subject to ______ force. Centripetal
The downward force exerted on objects due to gravity is called Weight
As objects move farther apart, the force of gravity Decreases
_____is constant no matter where you are in the universe;_____varies with the gravitational pull. Mass, weight
When air resistance balances the weight of an object that is falling, the velocity Remains constant
__________occurs when gravitational forces and air resistance equalize on an object that is falling toward Earth and the object stops accelerating. Terminal velocity
Any object thrown through the air is a Projectile
Mass is a measure of the amount of ____ in an object. Matter
When the same amount of force is applied to 2 different masses, the larger mass willl be accelerated _____ the smaller mass. Less than
List the two factors that affect friction: The kinds of surfaces in contact and the force is pressing the 2 surfaces together.
If you exert a force on 500 N on a wall, what is the force the wall exerts on you? -500 N
As acceleration due to gravity increases, the weight of objects Increases
If you want to move to the right in space, which way would you throw a rock? Left
Acceleration due to gravity on Jupiter is 26 mls2. How much would a 2-kg rock weigh? 52N
If a 10-kg ball is thrown through the air at 10mls, what is the momentum of the ball? 100kg*mls
What is the force of an object with a mass of 10kg and an acceleration of 2mls2? 20N
Calculate the acceleration of 25-kg object that is moved with a force of 100N? 4mls2
What is the mass of an object that is accelerating at 5mls2 when a force of 30N is exerted? 6kg
A 2-kg cat has a momentum of 100kg*mls. What is her velocity? 50mls
A cow moving at a rate of 10mls has a momentum of 2,000kg*mls. What is the cow's mass? 200kg
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