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Australia Review 616

Australia Geographic & History Review

I am a continent. I am a country. I am an island Australia
The largest part of Australia consists of dry lands called Outback
What are the two oceans that surround Australia? Pacific & Indian
World's largest living organism, It is over 1200 miles long. 400 types of coral, 1500 types of fish and 4000 mollusks Great Barrier Reef
What body of water is actually part of the Pacific Ocean Coral Sea
Ayers Rock (Uluru) is this type of rock. More rock is below earth than above. monolith
What are the natives of Australia called? Aborigines
Very few Australians live here due to extreme heat and dryness Great Victoria Desert
2/3 of Australia is made up of what type of land? desert
Where do most Australians live? Along the southeastern coast
What major business is done in the Outback mining
Which resource attracted thousands of immigrants to South Australia in the 19th century gold
What language did the first European settlers speak in Australia Engish
What religion did Europeans bring with settlement? Christianity
From where did Aborigines enter the Australian continent thousands of years ago Asia
Which weapon did Aborigines invent? boomerangs
Which describes the Aborigines? nomads
The prisoners used to colonize Australia in the late 1700s were from which country? Great Britain (colonies)
Who claimed Australia for Great Britain? James Cook
What threats to the Aborigines after the Europeans began to settle Australia? diseases, guns, alcohol
What event in 1850s led to the killing of hundreds of Aborigines gold rush
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