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TExES Competency 031

Physical Science

What is anything that makes up space & has mass Matter
The ______ of a body is the amount of matter in an object or thing. It is also the property of a body that causes it to have weight. Mass
_________ describes the amount of space that matter takes up Volume
_________is the amount of gravitational force exerted over an object. Also changes as an object go from one level of gravitational force to another. Weight
There are ________basic kinds of matter, called elements organized into the periodic table. 112
Atoms are made up of particles called Electrons, Neutron, and Protons
_____ are two or more atoms bonded together in a chemical bond. Molecules
____ are when you have two or more different kinds of atoms in the molecule and have a given amount of that substance. They consist of matter composed of atoms that are chemically combined with one another in molecules in definite weight proportions. Compound
_____ represents how much matter is reflected or perceived by the human eye. Color
_____is the mass that is contained in a unit of volume of a given substance. Density
______represents the resistance to penetration offered by a given substance. Hardness
_____is the ability of substances to transmit thermal or electric current. Conductivity
_____ & ____ produce changes in the physical properties of matter. Heat & Cold
________ can be classified as a conductor or nonconductor of electricity. Matter
Matter can exist in four distinct states Solid, liquid, gas, & plasma
___ have mass , occupy a define amount of space or volume or have a definite shape, and are more dense than liquids. Solids
___have mass, occupy a definite volume, do not have a definite shape, but instead take the shape of their container, & are the least dense of the 3 states of matter. Liquids
_____has no definite shape or volume, & is a substance that cannot be classified as solid, liquid, or gas. Plasma
___ are combinations of 2 or more substances, where each substance is distinct from the other that is made up of 2 or more types of molecules and not chemically combined. Mixtures
____ are mixtures that are homogeneous, which means that the components are distributed evenly and there is an even concentration throughout. Solutions
A_______ is a change in a substance that does not change what that substance is made of Physical change
Melting ice (boiling water), tearing paper, chopping wood, writing with chalk, and mixing sugar and water together are all examples of Physical Change
A____ is when the substances that were combined are no longer the same molecules- they have changed to new substances. Chemical change
Burning wood, mixing baking soda and vinegar, or a rusting nail Chemical change
When heat is given off in a chemical it is an _____ reaction; and when heat is absorbed in a chemical change the combination becomes colder it is an _______ reaction Exothermic, Endothermic
The burning of gasoline in automobiles is a ___________ Chemical Change
Created by: jwilliams2626