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Phy Sci 7a-c

Phy Sci 7a-c Energy Trans. Study Guide

Does a drop of boiling water or a pot of boiling water have more thermal energy? pot
What happens to potential energy as speed slows? increases
What reduces the transfer of energy? Insulator
What is a poor insulator material? metal
On a roller coaster, at what point is there the most potential energy? top of the tallest hill
The use of light to produce chemical energy Photosynthesis
Circulating warm air Convection
Potential energy is energy due to the? height of an object
What is an energy Conductor? Enables the transfer of thermal energy from one substance to another through contact.
Conduction is? Transfer of thermal energy by direct contact.
Is wood or cloth a good conductor? No. metal is best.
If you double your speed, how much does your kinetic energy increase? X 4
What two things do you have to have to compute kinetic energy? Speed and Mass
Warming up due to a fire or sunlight is what type of energy transfer? radiation
A battery produces which type of energy? Chemical energy
Materials that can warm up and cool down quickly have a...? low specific heat capacity
To have kinetic energy, the object must be..? moving
____ energy is converted to _____ energy as a roller coaster goes down the hill. potential, kinetic
Car brakes convert kinetic energy into _____ energy. Thermal (by friction)
If doubling your speed increases for kinetic energy times 4, what would happen to your stopping distance? increase by x4
Does steam or boiling water have more energy per unit of mass? Steam
Formula for Power is? Work divided by Time
Formula to figure Kinetic energy Mass x Speed
The transfer of energy through space is...? Radiation
Exercise may transform chemical energy from the food you eat into? both potential and kinetic energy
What is the difference between temperature and thermal energy? Temperature does not depend on mass
The transfer of thermal energy by liquid or gas is? Convection
The law that states that energy is not lost but transferred from one object to another? Law of Conservation of Energy
Objects cool down not by the introduction of cold but by the loss of...? heat
What do you need in order to pick up a hot handle on a pan? Thermal insulator
Created by: FordLCHS