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Bio 2nd Quarterly

Gr 10 Bio 2nd Quartely Exam

What are Autotrophs? Organisms who make their own food (Plants)
What are Heterotrophs? Organisms that gain energy from the foods they consume (humans, cow, horse)
How is energy released from ATP? Breaking the chemical bond between 2nd & 3rd phosphates
What are the components of the ATP molecule? Adenine, ribose, and the 3 phosphate groups
Photosynthesis uses sunlight to convert water and CO2 into? High energy sugars & Oxygen
In the overall equation 6 molecules of CO2 results in 6 molecules of? 6O2
What are light obsorbing molecules called? Pigments
Why do plants appear green? Reflects green light or does not absorb green color.
WHere do light dependent reactions take place in photosynthesis? Thylakoid
What things affect the rate of photsynthesis? There are 3 main ones. Light intensity, Water, Temp
What is the correct equation for cellular respiration? 6O2 + C6H2O ->6CO2 + 6H2O + Energy
Cellular respiration breaks down glucose, and other food molecules
Which process takes place within cytoplasm of cell? Glycolosis --> 2 pyruvic acid
What is the net gain of ATP during glycolysis? Two
What is the starting molecule for glycolysis? Glucose
What is the name for the electron carrier in cellular respiration? NAD+
What are the main types of fermentation? Alcoholic fermentation and lactic acid fermentation
What happens in lactic acid fermentation? Pyruvic acid +NADH -->> lactic acid + NAD+
What happens in alcholic fermentation? Alcoholic -->> pyruvic + NADH -->> alcohol, CO2, NAD+
When oxygen is present what is glycolosis followed by? Krebs Cycle
what substances pass high energy electrons into the electron transport chain? NADH and FADH
What do pairs of high energy electrons provide energy for? (What do they do?) Convert ADP to ATP
What is oxygen debt? Extra oxygen required by muscle tissue Breathing heavily repays oxygen debt.
What are the problems with cell growth? The larger a cell becomes the more demands it places on DNA, problems moving nutrients & waste across the cell membrane. OXYGEN IS NOT A PROBLEM
What is cell division? Process by which a cell divides into 2 daughter cells
After cell division describe the daughter cells. Each daughter cell has a copy of DNA and higher surface area and volume than parent.
When do chromosomes become visible during the cell cycle? Prophase
What are G1, G2, and M Phase? All the satages of the cell divison.
Determine from the figure in text and copied on your exam when cell division occurs? MPhase
Define the cell cycle. Series fo events that cells go through as they divide.
What is a centromere? Point on a chromosome which is attracted to sister chromatia
What are sister chromatids? identical paired chromosomes
What is the 1st phase of Mitosis? Prophase
When do cells line up in the middle of the cell? Metaphase
What is the roll of the (spindle) fibers? Help line up the chromosomes & pull apart
Created by: squints0609