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McCormack Electric

McCormack Electricity & Magnets Test

What is the Law of Electric Charge? Like charges will Repel (- & - , + & +) Opposite Charges will attract (+ & -)
Electricity is? The movement of charge in a conductor
Magnetics is ? Anything that attracts Iron
Magnetics is from what subatomic particle Spinning Electrons
Magnets are strongest at the? Poles
The Earth is like a giant magnet because? Its large spinning Iron core
Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod for? To move charge (lightning) into the ground
What is a Solenoid A coil of wire with current flowing through it that acts like a magnet.
What are 3 advantages of a Solenoid or electromagnet? Turned on or off, can be very strong, can reverse the polarity
Electric charge can be transfered in what way? Conduction, Friction, Induction
What is conduction? Charge transfer by direct touch.
What is Friction? Charge transfered by the rubbing two surfaces
What is Induction? Charge transfered by proximity
What is Conservation of Charge? Charge is from electrons which cannot be created or destroyed, just moved or transfered
A Conductor is? A material that will let charge pass through (metals, copper, gold)
An Insulator is? A material that will not let charge pass through (nonmetals, rubber, wood)
What is Ohm's Law? V= IR (volts = current x resistance)
What is Voltage? Voltage (V, measured in Volts) is the potential electrical energy stored in a battery or EMF, like pressure in a garden hose.
What is Current? Current (I, measured in Amps) is the flow of charge through a conductor, like water flowing in a garden hose.
What is Resistance? Resistance (R, measured in Ohms) is against current, like a kink in the garden hose.
What is I vs R? If Total Resistance goes up then current will go down. They are indirectly related.
What is a Series Circuit? A circuit with only one path for current to flow, like X-mas lights
What are the key points of a Series Circuit? One bulb goes out, rest go out. One path for current, Use less wire, Voltage drops/share at each load (Bulb), current is constant
What is a Parallel Circuit? A circuit with may path for current to take. Like your home outlets.
What are the key points of a Parallel Circuit? One bulb goes out, rest stay on. Many paths for current, Use more wire, Voltage is constant, current is divided.
How is Electrical current produced? Large generators produce the electricity in our homes.
What are the subatomic parts of an Atom? Proton (+) , Neutron (0), and Electron (-)
What is AC? AC is Alternating current which goes forwards and backwards in a Transverse wave, +/- voltage. Home circuits are AC
What is DC? DC is Direct current which is flat + voltage. A battery or cell phones are DC.
List 4 things that describe your home circuit. Homes are Parallel, AC, 120 volts, 60 Hz
What can take sunlignt and convert it to electricity? A solar panel
What instrument can detect a electric charge? An Electroscope
How does an Electro Chemical cell (battery) work? Charge moves from the copper metal pole to the zinc metal pole through the electrolyte fluid (acid).
What is an EMF Electro Motivating Force is the potential electrical energy that causes charge to move through a conductor (push).
What is a Magnetic Field? Invisible lines of magnetic attraction that moves from North pole to the South pole
What is an Electric motor? Electric motors convert electrical energy to kinetic energy
What is a Electric generator? Electric generator converts kinetic energy to electrical energy
Created by: fmccormack