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LA Geography Test St

Latin America Geography

What mountain range is located in Mexico and central America? Sierra Madre
What body of water is located north of South America? Caribbean Sea
What ocean is west of Latin America? Pacific
What arid physical feature is located in Chile west of the Andes mountains? Atacama Desert
What country is northwest of Cuba and borders the USA? Mexico
What large South American country borders the Atlantic Ocean and ten other countries in Latin America including Colombia? Brazil
How does geography impact Mexico City's air pollution problem? The Sierra Madre trap pollution
Where do most Brazilians live? On the southeastern coast
Large amounts of arable land are most helpful to what industry? farming
What might be lost if the rainforest is destroyed? plant-based medicines, animal habitat, and oxygen
What is a main source of income for both Cuba and Mexico? Tourism
What is the name of the man-made waterway that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans? Panama Canal
What ocean is to the east of Latin America? Atlantic
What is the name of the waterway that is east of Mexico, but west of Florida? Gulf of Mexico
What are three ways Mexico City is trying to fix its pollution problem? Roof top gardens, public transportation, using bicycles, using cleaner burning fuels
What are three causes of deforestation in the Amazon? timber, create farmland and ranches
What is the environmental issue in Brazil? deforestation
What environmental issue is in Mexico? air pollution
What impacts Cuba ability to trade? It has lots of coasts, but only one main cash crop, and it is communist, so countries refuse to trade with it.
How does Mexico's location impact its ability to trade? It has coasts on both oceans and borders the US making it easy to trade
How might laws protecting the rain forest impact farmers in Brazil? They will lose money because they have to clear cut the rain forest to create arable land
What is arable land? land for farming
What is agriculture? farming
What does arid mean? dry
Created by: mgilmour
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