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Exam 2 cognitive psy

Chapter 5, Brooklyn college, professor Stan

Sensory memory When something is presented briefly, such as a face illuminated by a flash, your perception continuos even after a fraction of a second in the dark -the brief perception of the image is called
Control process encoding and rehersal retrival- Rachel repeats the phone number of the pizzeria- she can relate digits to her family.-Rachel has encode the number, to later retrieve it
Persistence of Vision when you retain the perception of light in your mind for half a fraction seconds after it is presented ,this is called
Echoic memory sounds that persist in the mind! When someone says what? and you are about to repeat it to them but they get the message a second delayed
Proactive interference When old leraning interferes with new learning, you are learning French but you are a native Spanish speaker, this is called
Retroactive interference When new learning interferes with remembering old learning , When you cant recall the Spanish word because you have learn the English word for it;
Working memory being given numbers in random order and reordering to repeat them
Short-term memory repeating the numbers to be able to make a phone call- five to seven items
The visual-spatial sketchpad You are able to navigate and form pictures in your mind because It holds visual and spatial information
Perseveration Frontal lobe patient, performing same action, or thought even if it's not achieving a goal. Has a new task of picking red instead of blue , but keeps picking blue..
The role of the prefrontal cortex in memory memory- visual- delays-
Disrupting control processes articulary suppression when, rehersal is difficult do to added things suchs as the the the
Mind reading and FMRI person is submitted to braib scaning to reveal differences and thoutghs
Semantic memory Long term memory about memories of facts, such as address, names, and objects
Long term memory about past events episodic and procedural
Episodic memory remembering a picnic from ten years ago!
Procedural memory remembering how to do things , such as riding a bike!
iconic memory/visual icon stimuli enters our sensory memory for a brief second and decays within a second.
Central executive its mission is not to store information but to coordinate how to use it
Created by: luzdeluna
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