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Energy study guide

Name a type of energy that starts with M Mechanical
Name a type of energy that starts with t Thermal
Name a type of energy that starts with s Sound
Name a type of energy that starts with e electrical
Name a type of energy that starts with L Light
Name the 3 types of heat transfer Radiation, Convection, Conduction
What is energy ability to cause change in matter
What is kinetic energy the energy of motion
What is Potential energy the energy something has because of its position or condition
What is Mechanical energy the total potential energy and kinetic energy of an object.
What can light energy do it is a form of energy that can travel through space.
What do plants use light energy for? to make food
What is sound energy energy from things moving back and forth (which creates sound waves of energy)
What is Chemical energy energy that is released by a chemical change(think when we digest food for energy, that is a chemical change)
What is Electrical energy energy that comes from an electrical current
Can energy change It can change from one form to another
What is heat energy heat is the energy that moves between objects of different temperatures
How does heat move naturally Heat moves naturally from an object with a high temperature to one with a lower temperature. What is conduction
What is conduction transfere it is the transfer, or movements, of heat between two objects that are touching. It can also occur within items (like warmth inside your body)
What is convenction transfer is the transfer of heat with in a liquid or a gas (heat from a campfire warms the air around it)
What is a convection current heat is conducted from a a burner to a pot of water, heated water moves to the top to war the cooler water. the cooler water sinks to the bottom,where it gets heated . It goes around in a circle or cycle
What is radiation transfer radiation transfer is the transfer of yea without matter to carry it.
Insulators Materials that do not conduct (allow it through) heat. Like an oven mitt
Why is it important to insulate your home? Keeps the heat out in the summer, the heat in in the winter, saves on money paying energy bills and conserves energy.
What type of energy does an arrow have right before it is released from the arrow Potential
What are examples of fossil fuels gas, oil, coal
conductors lets the heat easily transfer
What are example of conductors? metal, water
What are example of insulators thermos, insulation in your home
Which is the best aluminum, copper, steel or wood? wood
Which material would keep something warm? foam, plastic, waxed paper or aluminum foil Foam
how does a thermos work? conduction and convection are stopped by glass in the vacuum, radiation is stopped by the reflective material
How is sound produced? Vibrations
How does sound travel? waves
What does sound not travel through empty space
How does light travel? waves
what does light travel through? empty space
What are natural sources of light? sun, fire
Thermal energy heat energy, molecules moving faster make it
Mechanical energy the energy of motion
Kinetic energy moving objects
potential energy objects at rest
Electrical the movement of charged particles
What is heat? the transfer of thermal energy from piece of matter to another.
Created by: slhanlon