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Baking CH 42/43/44

Stack #181464

Flour Provides protein and starch that make up structure of baked goods.
Liquid help flour form the structure of baked products.
Sweetener give flavor and help crust to brown.
Flavoring add flavor and include chocolate, spices, herbs, and extracts such as vanilla and almond.
Leavening Agent make products rise.
Fats and Oils make products rich and tender, add flavor and hep brown the crust.
Eggs make baked products tender, add flavor and richness, and help bind products together so they don't separate.
Dough thick enough to be shaped by hand.
Batter thin enough to be poured or dropped from a spoon.
Gluten an elastic substance formed by the protein in flour.
Trapped air Air is trapped when product is sifted, creamed fat and sugar, or beat egg whites.
Steam High temperature causes water to turn to steam and rise.
Baking Soda forms carbon dioxide gas when combined with acid ingredient.
Baking Powder combination of baking soda and dry acid.
Yeast Microscopic plant that gives off gas as it grows.
Baking in glass pan reduce temperature by 25 degrees.
Baking in dark pan reduce temperature by 10 degrees.
All-purpose flour enriched white flour made from wheat.
Whole wheat flour made from entire wheat kernel
Self-rising flour has leavening and salt added.
Granulated sugar white table sugar
Brown sugar granulated sugar with molasses added.
Powdered sugar confectioner's sugar, has fine texture
Honey liquid sweetener
Lard highest in saturated fat
Muffin Method dry ingredients in one bowl,wet ingredients in another, add together and mix just until moistened.
Biscuit Method Shortening cut into dry ingredients, knead for 30 seconds.
Knead work with hands to activate gluten.
Convenience product pre-made crust or filling for quick preparation.
Two-crust pie bottom and top crust usually with fruit filling.
One-crust pie bottom crust only, meringue or whipped cream topping.
Created by: sueroberts