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Top 200 group 6

Gabapentin Neurontin(tab, cap, soln) Horizant (ER tab) Gralise (tab) A: 300TID (max 1800mg) C: 10-15mg/kg GABA analogue anticonvulsant Partial seizure Postherpetic neuralgia
Prednisone Deltasone (tab & soln) A: 5-60mg qd C: 1-2mg/kg/day corticosteroid Asthma, thrombocytopenia, allergy, inflamm, Disease: GI, Collagen, skin, endocrine, neoplastic, eye, respiratory, RA
Methylprednisolone Medrol (tab) A: 2-32mg C: asthma only 0.25-60mg/day corticosteroid Allergic, anti-inflam/immunosupressive Asthma
Cyclobenzaprine (caps&tab) Flexeril Amrix (caps) ER: 15-30mg qd IR: 5-10mg TID C: 15yo+ Centrally acting skeletal muscle relaxant muscle spasm
Carisoprodol Soma (tab) 250-300mg TID & HS C: 16yo+ Centrally acting skeletal muscle relaxant musculoskeletal system disorder
Butalbitaal/APAP/Caf Fioricet Esgic (cap&tab) (50/325/40mg) 1-2 tab/cap q4h C: 12yo+ Barbiturate Tension/muscle contraction/HA
Oxycodone Oxycontin (tab ER) Roxicodone (tab) 5-15mg q4-6hr prn for pain Opioid Receptor agonist pain
Oxycodone/APAP Percocet (tab) 2.5-10/325-650 q6h prn analgesic, opioid receptor agonist moderate-severe pain
Hydrocodone/APAP (tabs) Vicodin Lortab Lorcet Norco Zydone 5,7.5,10mg/325-500mg q4-6h prn max 6 doses analgesic, opioid receptor agonist moderate - severe pain
APAP/Codeine (tab, soln, elixir) Tylenol w/ codeine (tab) A: 300-1000/15-60mg q4h prn C: 5ml TID/QID, 10ml TID/QID, 13yo+ adult dose analgesic, alkaloid preped from methylation of morphine mild-moderate pain
Fentanyl transderm Duragesic (transdermal patch) A: 12-100mcg/hr q72h C: 2yo+ analgesic, opiod Breakthrough cancer pain Chronic pain in opioid tolerant pts
Tramadol (tab&cap) Ultram Ultram ER Ryzolt Rybix (tab) 50-100mg q4-6h synthetic opioid agonist pain
Buprenorphine(IV,SL) Buprenorphine/Naloxone Butrans (patch) Subutex (SL tab) Suboxone (SL tab &film) refer to notes partial opioid agonist Opioid dependence & pain
Lidocaine cream-4% oint-5% patchER-5% Lidoderm (patch) apply up to 3 patches in 12h analgesic, local anesthetic local anesthesia, postherpetic neuralgia
Pregabalin Lyrica (caps) 50mg TID 75mg BID DB neuropathy, spinal cord injury nerve paint, fibromyalgia, partial seizure, postherpetic neuralgia GABA analog, analgesic, anticonvulsant
Promethazine Phenergan (IV, tab, rectal supp.) Adults & Children 2yo+: 25-50mg po/rect HS, or 6.25-12.5mg TID, 25po/rect BID, administration of analgesia (prophylaxis), allergy, motion sickness,N&V, postop pain, sedation H1 antagonist
Meloxicam (susp &tab) Mobic A: 7.5 - 15 mg qd C: 0.125-7.5mg/kg qd NSAID (Cox inhibitor) Juv RA RA Osteoarthritis
Ibuprofen (tab, susp, & caps) Motrin A:200-800mg BID/TID C: available NSAID (inhibits prostaglindin synth) Inflammatory disease Analgesia, pain, fever, dysmenorrhea
Naproxen (susp & tab) Naprosyn Anaprox A: 250-500mg BID C: 5mg/kg BID NSAID (inhibits prostaglindin synth) Ankylosing spondylitis,bursitis, gout, osteoarthritis, pain, dysmenorrhea, RA, tendinitis
Celecoxib (caps) Celebrex A:100BID, 200QD C: 50-100BID NSAID (COX2 selective) Ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, RA, pain (dysmenorrhea)
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