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RADT 465 Procedures

ARRT registry review covering Radiographic Procedures

Varus- turned inward Bontrager p26
Pacemaker electrodes are introduced through a vein where they are advanced to the: right ventricle Bontrager p647
Of the tangential axial projections of the patella, which demonstrates complete relaxation of the quadriceps femoris required for a correct diagnosis? supine flexion 45 degrees (Merchant) Bontrager p254
The floor of the skull does not include the _______ bone. occipital Bontrager p368
What bony landmark is in the same transverse plane as the symphysis pubis? prominence of the greater trochanter Bontrager p38
A sponge can be placed under the patient's waist for a lateral image of a lumbar spine to make the vertebral column______ with the IR and the intervertebral disk spaces ______ to the IR. parallel, perpendicular Bontrager p335
The tibial tuberosity, intercondyloid fossa and tibial condyles are all_________ to the lateral malleolus. superior Bontrager p216
Internal rotation of the shoulder shows the lesser tubercle in profile __________. medially Bontrager p187
What fracture describes a small bony fragment pulled from a bony process? Avulsion fracture Bontrager p602
A patient is seated at the end of a table, their elbow is flexed 80 degrees, the CR is directed 45 degrees laterally from shoulder to elbow joint. What structure is going to be seen best? Coronoid process Bontrager p174
In a myelogram, contrast is injected into the: subarachnoid space Bontrager p721
Elbow fat pads are seen best in the ________ position? lateral Bontrager p139
External rotation of the shoulder will show the greater tubercle superimposed on the: humeral head Bontrager p192
The barium-filled hepatic flexure is best seen in the _______ position. LPO Bontrager p515
What position is obtained with the patient lying supine on the table with the CR pointed horizontally to the iliac crest? dorsal decubitus Bontrager p20
Correct prep for a UGI series patient is: NPO after midnight Bontrager p471
The AP view of the coccyx means that the CR needs to be 2 inches superior to the pubic symphysis Bontrager p344
Correct prep for a lower GI series patient is: cleansing enema and cathartics Bontrager p501
To demonstrate the mandibular body PA view, the CR needs to be: perpendicular to the IR Bontrager p430
In a double contrast BE, what part of the colon is air most likely to be visualized when in the AP recumbent position? transverse colon Bontrager p489
The relationship between the ends of fractured long bones is called: apposition Bontrager p600
The patient's chin should be elevated during a chest x-ray so: the chin will not superimpose on the apices Bontrager p86
In a correct oblique lumbar spine view, the body of the Scotty Dog is made from the ________ part of the lumbar vertebrae. lamina Bontrager p334
SMV oblique axial view of the zygomatic arches require the skull to be rotated _____ degrees toward the _______ side. 15, affected Bontrager p426
Examining a patient whose elbow is in partial flexion requires the AP projection to have two separate _______ and _______. positions, exposures Bontrager p169
What position can be used to get a lateral view of the upper humerus if the patient is unable to abduct their arm? transthoracic lateral Bontrager p198
Of the oblique positions, which would show the right lumbar apophyseal articulations closest to the IR? RPO Bontrager p334
The lumbar transverse process will make the _____ of the Scotty Dog. nose Bontrager p334
What suggestion regarding restraint should be followed when performing radiographic examinations on pediatric patients? use restraint when necessary Carlton p 187
The scaphoid bone can be seen in what projection of the wrist? PA oblique Bontrager p161
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