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Science Mid Yr Rev

Science Mid Year Review for January 2015

What makes an element an element? The Physical and chemical parts they have
What are the properties of metals? Metals have luster
What are the properties of Metalloids Metalloids can have luster or no luster
What makes something a mixture? When two things are physically or chemically put together.
What are some physical properties you can use to separate mixtures? hands, hammers, machines
What is a physical change? A change not involving it's chemical identity.
Names some examples of chemical changes Water freezing, solid melting, water boiling
What are examples of physical changes rocks breaking, paper ripping, pencil breaking
What are three properties of an acid? sour taste, litmus, chemical bases
Does teh mass of a system change after a chemical change? The mass lowers
What happens after a mass of a system has a physical change It stays the same
What is the only type of rock that can have fossils in it sedimientary rock
When a substance changes from gas to liquid what is it called? fusion
When a substance changes from a liquid to a gas what is that called evaporation
What are is a type of igneous rock metamorphic
What two things affect the force of gravity between two objects mass, volume
What is the chemical element for Silicon Si
What is the chemical element for Carbon C
What is the chemical element for Oxygen O
What is the Chemical element for Iron Fe
What is the chemical element for Copper CU
What is the chemical element for magnesium Mg
What is the chemical element for Chlorine Cl
What are the four major spheres or systems on and in earth crust, mantle, outer core and inner core
What is a type of graph bar
What is mechanical weathering causes physical disintegration
What is chemical weathering breakdown of rocks
What is weathering breakdown of rocks
What is erosion moving of rocks
What are some characteristics of landforms created through erosion canyons, rivers
What are the metric unit prefixes kilo hecto deka deci centi milli
Created by: maxtom2