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RADT 465 Rad Protect

ARRT registry review covering Radiation Protection

What is used to account for the differences in tissue sensitivity to ionizing radiation when determining effective dose? Tissue weighting factors Buschong p556
What is the monthly gestational dose-equivalent limit for a fetus of a pregnant radiographer? 5 mSv Buschong p557
Indirect effect is the interaction most likely to occur between ionizing radiation and _________. target molecules Buschong p507
Would an AP skull or PA chest deliver more radiation to the thyroid? AP skull Bontrager p67
Occupational radiation monitoring is required when an individual might receive more than a ______ of the annual dose limit. tenth Buschong p593
Radiolysis is the irradiation of _____ molecules within the body and their resulting breakdown. water Buschong p506
Which x-ray interaction is responsible for the majority of scattered radiation reaching the IR? Compton scatter Buschong p176
Medical and dental radiation account for ____ of the general public's exposure to human-made radiation. 90% Buschong p6
An optically stimulated luminescence dosimeter uses what type of detector? Aluminum oxide Buschong p594
The skin response to radiation exposure that appears as hair loss is called? epilation Buschong p522
Late effects of radiation are also called? stochastic Buschong p517
Occupational exposure is received by the radiologic technologist mainly from: Compton scatter Buschong p116
The source-to-table distance is at least 15 inches in: fixed fluoroscopy Buschong p569
Linear energy transfer (LET) can be described as: the amount of energy delivered per distance traveled in tissue Buschong p495
Tribondeau and Bergonie theorized that what cells were highly radiosensitive? undifferentiated Buschong 495
What is the minimum lead requirement for lead aprons? 0.5mm Pb Buschong p560
What is the annual occupational dose-equivalent limit for the eye lens? 150 mSv Buschong p557
Would an AP abdomen or AP lumbar, both set at 80 kVp, deliver more radiation to the ovaries? AP abdomen Bontrager p557
Target theory applies to: DNA molecules Buschong p507
Radiation output from a diagnostic x-ray tube is measured in what units? Roentgen Buschong p588
Leakage radiation is radiation that passes through the _______ in directions other than the useful beam. tube housing Buschong p130
What is the dose of radiation that will cause a noticeable skin reaction? SED Buschong 521
The photoelectric effect is an interaction between a x-ray photon and _________. inner-shell electron Buschong p176
Bucky slot covers are in place to protect what three individuals? patient, radiographer, radiologist Buschong p570
Isotopes are atoms that have the same______ but a different________. atomic number, mass number Buschong p47
Created by: pmbraswell1